The Ferris Wheel

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    T H E F E R R I S W H E E L

    Part One

    The wind blew from the east
    A million lights lit up the dark
    "Step up" the young man said
    "Take a ride on Noah's Ark"

    "Grandpa, can we go?"
    The twins said without delay
    "Sure", the old man replied
    As he watched them run away

    Dr. Fogg's Carnival of Fun
    "Amazing Things that seem un-real"
    "Could it be?" the old man wondered aloud
    He would have to check out the ferris wheel

    Fifty six years ago
    In a place much like this place
    His first wife and son got on the ride
    And vanished without a trace

    The police had looked for clues
    But in the end there were none to be found
    He had to watch the carnival pack up and move
    While he had to stand around

    Eventually, he re-married
    New life, made many new friends
    They had two of their own children
    One of them had had twins

    But he never forgot his first family
    At nights it would tear him up inside
    This carnival show, over 50 years ago
    Their last ferris wheel ride

    Suddenly he felt a little scared
    A feeling of deja vous
    He would look for that ferris wheel
    But if he found it.. what would he do?

    Part Two

    He was about ready to give up
    One more place he thought he would try
    When in the darkness he saw something
    Out of the corner of his eye

    He had spotted the monster ride
    In the dark with no lights at all
    He knew it was the very same one
    By the details he could recall

    The seats were painted golden
    The lift itself was a dark brown
    A voice inside seemed to call out
    "Come on Daddy, sit down.."

    He knew that voice from anywhere
    But there was just no way it could be
    Willy had went missing
    Far back in 1953

    But yet, it WAS Willy's voice
    Ooh, how he missed it so
    "Don't be afraid honey"
    The wind seemed to blow

    Julia? he knew it was her voice, but how?
    This defied everything he knew
    "Ooh honey, take a seat
    Willy and I are both waiting on you.."

    The old man threw away logic
    Took a seat, closed his eyes
    He felt the cold wind blow through his hair
    As he was lifted up into the skies

    The lights of the carnival faded
    Then they appeared bright once more
    Soon the ride was over
    And a worker opened the door..

    Part Three

    The second his feet was on the ground
    His child ran to grab his leg
    "Ooh Daddy, lets all ride the merry-go-round"
    "Willy, you know better than to beg!"

    Julia laughed and kissed him
    The second her lips touched his skin
    He realized he was no longer an old man
    He was 25 again

    He knew the calender said 1953
    In Korea, peace they would declare
    Eisenhower was President
    Frank Sinatra ruled the air

    Meanwhile, he still held 56 years of memories
    Of his other life with all it's charms
    "Ooh Daddy, I'm so glad we came.."
    He hugged Willy in his arms..

    Still, not far away in another time
    The twins called their parents, distraught
    Who called the Police, who came right away
    Everyone searched the entire lot

    They questioned the owner, a Dr. Fogg
    Who said in a voice quiet and low
    "Something like this happened once before
    A long, long time ago.."

    After a month with no clues
    A memorial service was held in his name
    Mostly attended by friends and family
    But there was one strange man who came

    He introduced himself as Willie
    He left a flower and a poem
    He wrote: "Your the best Dad, I ever had
    Thank you for coming home..."
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  3. [quote name='"darksmoker"']22 views, no replies?[/quote]

    It wasn't to shabby. You should extend it. Like maybe the ferris wheel is a way to an alternate universe that's in the year 1953.

  4. i've thought about it, but it's quite long already. i dont really want readers to get bored of it by making it too long, you know?
  5. [quote name='"darksmoker"']

    i've thought about it, but it's quite long already. i dont really want readers to get bored of it by making it too long, you know?[/quote]

    It's not even remotely long. I think you might be on to something with the ferris wheel time travel idea thing. If you find a way to make it longer like a book long let me know and I'd love to read it.
  6. thanks man. glad you enjoyed the read =]
  7. i need some more opinions on this....sorry i'm an ettention whore

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