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The feelin before you smoke

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by bwood, Aug 25, 2008.

  1. Anyone else feel pumped and excited when there packing there bowl or bong. I enjoy breaking up weed and preparing it to smoke almost as much as I like smoking it.
  2. Yeah I get all excited and stuff :hello: It makes my stomach all jumpy feeling.

    Weird. I know.
  3. It's kind of like an excitement because you can say goodbye to being sober.
  4. I know what your talking about. i love it! Saddly that feeling will fade as smmoking has just become routine in my life. Its still something i love but the rush isn't there any more.
  5. i look at packing bowls and shit like that as just tedious and taking away from smoking time but i do always have fun rolling blunts almost more than i do smoking them
  6. i know what you mean, i LOVE rolling fatty joints and thinking "im gonna be smoking this soon:D"

    its a nice feeling.
  7. Anticipation is always more grand than the act in itself. Think about it with anything in life. Beforehand, you're approaching with uncertainty. Then you see exactly how something is, and it becomes past tense.
  8. I kinda hate the anticipation honestly.
  9. sometimes ill put off lighting a packed bowl or a rolled joint because the time before i smoke is so relaxing and the anticipation is tight. .

    like foreplay
  10. Word I love just grinding up the weed and like packin the bowl cause im like i will get high which is fucking amazing. Stoned now.... grassblowers outside..... :smoking:
  11. yeah i love to smoke too.
    when im fillin up my roor and stuff making sure the water levels are just right so i get a perfect hit lol :hello: then when you get to hit it your just like aaaah fuck yeh
  12. HELL yeah. im doin that right now. gonna take a gb 10 mins before weeds comes on and i cant wait
  13. I was just thinking about that feeling like 10 minutes ago before I packed my GC bowl and here magically is the thread that summed up my thoughts entirely......
  14. It's a great feeling, just knowing that there's a fully packed bowl and you're going to smoke it and get high. Then you smoke it and it's even better. I love the act of smoking, so much that once in a while I'll smoke cloves or black n milds just because I enjoy smoking. Then it's gone, but you're high so it's all good. Then you start to sober up and you miss having that full you load up another and the cycle starts all over again.
  15. I think that the most fun part of smoking is the "routine" and the feeling of anticipation
  16. fuck yeah I love it!! ..every part of it, getting my weed out, breaking it up, packing my bowl
    or rolling a joint ...and best of all lighting it! :D :bongin:

    (it's even better than being stoned itself!)

  17. time for a T break, son.
  18. yes. i love it :smoke:

  19. its like one of my favorite things it just is so chill then spark the bowl and continue to chill
  20. best part is when you got some decent chronic and your home alone all day dont have to work, and your friend calls and says he has some bomb comes over with some purps:eek::D and your breaking it up is the best then a little bummer is when you realize that it all disappeared quite quickly

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