The Fear

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by electrickhillbilly, Aug 18, 2017.

  1. Woke up about 5:30 yesterday was enjoying the view of my garden against the surrounding hills and woods. Suddenly the silence was shattered by rotor blades i went into the yard and watched from cover as the helicopter came over the Ridge figured then the game was up. The copter started a racetrack pattern over my house and garden suddenly county state and fed subs started slamming into the neighbors driveway and the copter started over their house which is about half a mile a way my other neighbor asked WTF and was told to get back inside as they were about to fire tear gas through the windows anyway they were after the heroine and meth and weren't wanting to be bothered by the weeds growing all over the neighborhood!

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  2. Holy crapadoodles..
  3. Horrifying. So thankful to live in a legal state. Keep safe, friend.

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  4. Holy shit this is my worst fear. I wake up from nightmares about helicopters swooping in all sweaty and out of breath.
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  5. Two more reasons to live in NV..Weed and prostitution LMAO
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  6. If only the wife would let me bring home a prostitute I'd put my house on the market today lol
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  7. Damn, crazy. That means you've had feds lurking around. Glad to see they don't care about the Ganja Farm !
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  8. They hauled off 17 people from the northern tier of counties here evidently 2 scumbags got busted in 2015 and sold the rest out
    The three that were my neighbors were pretty scandolous part of me says good riddance but I still hate to see someone busted specially since they were probably just dopesick. Now that doesn't mean I would not have killed them graveyard dead had I caught them where they didn't belong

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  9. The title and first half of this sounds like it could be the beginning of a great book. Intense AF!!

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  10. It was super intense I was out of weed when it happened the wife and l smoked most of a pack of cigs in an hour. As it was going down, I was running the copter N numbers trying to figure out if it was state police or whoever the numbers came back to an aircraft rental company in Texas according to the news it was a homeland security op

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  11. How were you able to run the ID numbers on the Whirly Bird?
    I have a few that bizz my place all the time, would be nice to know who they are.
    Even had a large drone (government model ) fly over weeks back
  12. Hid under my mulberry tree with my phone and camera and ran the N numbers on the tail boom all FAA aircraft must have these numbers exception to this rule is national gaurd/ military for example state police is N524SP it's a 2008 bell 407 jet ranger from experience I know all the other state police copter are 0H 58 a models there are a few sights but I have had good luck with
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