The Fall of Man

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  1. The Fall of Man

    Ask yourself the question, what is the purpose of life? As each individual is born, we have inherited the god given right to fulfill our own dreams and life long goals, to express ourselves freely, to have a choice that is not dependent on a outside factor. To understand what is lost, we must look back at past events, as without the knowledge of history, we cannot gain the knowledge of what was once lost.


    Stonehenge was constructed upon three phases. Now, each of these phases contained a new group of people finishing the works of the previous flock. So, what does the construction of Stonehenge have anything to do with humanity losing its grip on itself? The purpose of Stonehenge was spiritual and astrological, the 300 feet diameter ditch surrounding Stonehenge itself was constructed upon the theory that it was a divider between two separate worlds, the real and the spiritual.

    The humans of the ancient world were so mystified by life itself, always asking questions, seeking answers that were beyond the physical realm. The construction of Stonehenge is a testament to the drive and motivation we once had. We believed in a higher power, and we took the initiative to seek out the answers that were hidden beneath the earth itself. They were so determined that the spiritual plane existed before them that even the construction of the avenue, the mile and a half long road seen exiting the Stonehenge site, doesn't even connect to Stonehenge itself. We were not bound to the will of a mortal who self proclaimed himself to be a messenger for a higher power, and demanded pension for simply believing in something. Life was once filled with so much energy and so much passion that it sparked something inside every one of us. It lead to the foundation of some of the greatest works of mankind. Even after the construction of Stonehenge, the true pyramids were already a thousand years old. These men who erected Stonehenge were not scholars or engineers, or men believed to possess incredible influence and power. These were ordinary men who simply understood that in order to live life to its fullest, we must first understand life itself.

    True Pyramids

    Egyptians believed that there was a spiritual realm outside of the physical limitations of this world. They believed that once you were deceased, your KA (your soul) was to be transported to the afterlife, and you would be expected to resume your daily life. The purpose of the Pyramids was to construct a building that would host the deceased Pharaohs and preserve their body, as they believed that in order for your soul to continue on, it needed a body with flesh, not just mere bones. What is amazing is that, despite the various myths and theories spewed by the false history channels, the people that constructed the pyramids were not slaves, they were free people. Free people, with their own free will, constructed the biggest man made building since the Eiffel Tower. Standing at 480 ft tall with 2.3 million blocks of stone, the pyramids were not only a host to a once great Pharaoh, but were seen to emulate a spiritual power. The shape of the Pyramids itself holds a spiritual purpose, as the triangle symbolized the rays of the sun.

    What happened to the drive of man? What happened to the inspiration that would spark the flames of the average man, to motivate them to construct something as complex and titanic as the Pyramids itself? The Egyptians are a testament to both a strong sense of belief, and to the sheep like nature we possess. As we are told by an individual of a higher social status, we simply nod our heads and follow.

    The Modern Life

    It is clear that the modern humans of today have lost their way in seeking and preserving the knowledge of what life truly holds. Now, the average man simply chooses to ignore the foundation of what was once built, and chooses to follow blindly like sheep. We sit in the confines of our living room, satisfied with the notion that as long as my favorite TV channel is still in existence, everything is fine. Instead of pursuing true knowledge on issues that mattered, the average teenager simply dismisses the educational purpose of prosperity and chooses to live a life of dismay and delusion. These are the works of influential men who hide behind the curtains, discussing the status of the world and how it should be ran. These men, hosting private meetings behind closed doors, these men are the ones who decide how the world is ran. The one who controls the money, the one who controls the media, is the one who controls the world.

    Instead of discussing about the social limitations put forth by the "government", we choose to gain knowledge on the recent celebrity scandal. Instead of taking action against the individuals who place social barriers and mental obstacles, hindering the progression of the average man, we choose to further intoxicate ourselves with mindless information regarding the latest movies or the recent news of your favorite sports teams. The purpose of this mental invasion is for the average man to possess a passive mentality of carelessness. When real world issues arise, due to the constant fixation of pointless TV shows and materialistic ideals, the average man indirectly chooses to ignore these issues, and simply slumps back to the confines of their living room. These are the works of powerful men, fueling the objectives of several hidden agendas. The talks of unification and humanity gathering under a common goal is simply delusional and false. The real meaning behind these words is for the average man to simply comply and nod their heads in agreement, as long as they get their fix on the mindless information about sports and entertainment, no questions will be asked. With the rise of the Euro and the downfall of the dollar, in the near future, a universal currency between Canada, the States, and Mexico will be introduced. These methods of universal possession are typical procedures of the New World Order. The construction of the United Nations is a prime example, a fixated government organization that mandates its laws on a universal scale? In what fashion does one man, or a group entail to enforce universal codes and laws amongst the whole populace? Before the rise of currencies, before the natural adaptation of seeking materialistic goals, we once had the natural drive and motivation to seek answers and ask questions that truly mattered. We once constructed monuments of titanic proportions that would live on through the ages, and be taught through history books and future articles. Now, due to the modernization and the ideology that the more money you possess, the better your life turns out to be has clouded and intoxicated our minds.

    In the near future, instead of future generations discussing the success of today, they will view our generation as being blinded and clouded by stupidity. the fall of man can only be achieved by man itself, and we are nearing the goal set forth by the elitists, to exterminate the ideology of the once sought individual freedom without the governmental limitations and barriers set forth.
  2. I hate it when people try to hard to be philosophical, this thread is a perfect example.

  3. So you dislike it when individuals tend to question the very existence of life itself? Your comment just proves the main argument of my thread, people who tend to dismantle certain philosophical theories simply because you believe there isn't anything more than what meets the eye.
  4. I will speak more about this at a later time, but I will say right now that our current way of life is simply unsustainable and degrades mass amounts of human beings for the benefit of the many.

    Humanity... simply wasn't meant to be a one-way street. Its all a collaborative effort.

  5. So you agree with my statement.

    Unfortunately humanity now is dictated by a minority... the 0.00000001%, the rich and the elite are the ones who truly mandate how life should be ran in relation to their agenda. Forget about the president, forget about the speeches containing the resolution of independence... these are all lies hidden by the true consent of controlling the general populace.

    If you don't question the importance of what life truly is, you are simply part of a large flock of sheep, herded by an individual elitist. These "elitists" are just mere men, who bleed the same as anyone else, who's organs function the same as anyone else, yet they've adopted the philosophy of self proclamation of being the true "ruler" of the world. This adapted mentality is simply from the greed of men, sourced and fueled by money.
  6. its sort of easy to say how much worse we are than the ancient people, considering we werent alive back then. all we have are these great monuments they left behind, and some exiting tales. its easy to forget that man has been the same since he fully evolved. we have been a self centered, apathetic herd of sheep from the get go. we have also been inquisitive and spiritual and intellectual from the get go. i see what ur saying though. with technology and the information age, we think we know it all. we dont bother to ask the big questions because "someone already figured it out". the ancients didnt have all the knowlege that we have at our fingertips, but they still thirsted for it, so they went and found it.

    the difference between us and the ancients is that they were aware of their vast state of ignorance, and we are not for the most part. once we realize how much there is still left to discover, as an entire human race, we will get somwhere.

  7. people have written entire books to say what you have explained in a few words. your words are profound.

  8. Yes, but unfortunately the power of greed overwhelms the desire to seek knowledge of the foundation of life.
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    that was a very interesting way of putting it. i like it.

    I've recently been reading a book that's pretty similar to this way of thinking, called the te of piglet. which is a book about the philosophy of taoism.

    I feel like the world will take you under if you look at it any other way than this perspective you mentioned. There's always been people dying from war, poverty, disease, etc. but it's not until now we've had the technology to focus it into our everyday lives. ( Just using the news as a shitty example of how technology has hurt us ) And it's also pretty interesting how governments have grown to as big as they are today. But it's because of just like you said. There's always been your sheeps, fighters, thinkers, talkers, manipulators, etc. etc. If that makes any sense. And you almost have to block all of the ugly thing's out because anymore, in our time, they're just over-dramatized in a way..? for lack of a better word

    And I would also say, the dollar bill has the capability of closing a persons mind. Becoming rich is nothing but an illusion to people anymore. Because with all of the commercials/ads you see daily forcing "BUY BUY BUY" in your head. And being raised into a country that supports spending your money. It will be impossible for a lot of people to ever be retired because of all of these distractions. And who the fuck wants a work consumed life? My own father literally told me that he thinks money is where he will find happiness.

    People need to learn that money isn't happiness. And everyone should buy only what keeps them alive and what keeps them in good state. Nothing more , nothing less.

    people say were in a materialistic phase of life. but it's even deeper than that. Because if we valued our material's why the fuck do people fly through them like nothing? Of course that crazy bitch loves her iphone. But will she care once she breaks it and her mom buys her a new one? Of course not cus she only missed it for a couple days, and didn't work for shit to get it. then her old one was thrown into a trash can. ( Another shitty example, but if we were materialistic, why wouldnt we save those materials from that? We throw shit away as if our planets resources are infinite.) we use and abuse this planet like it's jack shit to us. And until people realise that it will continue to crumble beneath our feet.

    But yeah man faces a lot of illusions in life so it's not hard to get distracted from the bigger picture of what lifes even really about. Let's just hope we can all open our eyes at some point hahah

    edit:Sorry if that made no sense. super high and had a lot to say haha.

    and apologies for the sloppiness of this essay at first. I had to peice it all together in a some-what more proper fashion lol

  10. what book? i might like to read it
  11. [quote name='"twitchydude420"']I hate it when people try to hard to be philosophical, this thread is a perfect example.[/quote]

    Your too high to see this happening in the world. Put your weed down for a second an take a look around you.

    Now pick your weed back up and take a hit, and think about what is going in this world
  12. The main problem is the human tendency to leave everything at the last minute. Yes, from the get go humans have been consistent in being followed and lead, but the problem is the method and ideology behind the leadership. Now, due to the manipulation of the media, they simple slap the label "conspiracist" upon any individual who simply asks the question, why? The question "why" posses the greatest threat upon the elitists, as too many questions upon one topic tends to manifest itself and unfold the truth.

    Open your eyes people, see what is beyond the content life you lead. Do not let this issue grow and execute accordingly until the very last minute you find yourself questioning authority, for by then it will be too late.
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    i see what ur sayin. our lives are consumed with all these crossing frequencies. culture, media, survival, lust for indulgence. we feel the need to follow the ways of our cultures in order to fit in, even if thats not who we really are. this causes great inner turmoil. our survival instincts tell us to make money. it produces a feeling of well being, knowing that you have enough money to get by, and the more you have the healthier you are somehow. it doesnt make perfect sense but everyone feels it. the media overloads us with sensational stories and distractions and things to daydream about when we go through our routines of survival and culture. finally, we lust for indulgence to escape it all. we tire of our cultures expectations, we are exhausted from our ways of survival, the media has us confused, and all we wanna do is escape with some indulgence.

    we do crazy things just to escape, like take hard drugs and spend obscene amounts of money on nice toys. it never satisfies. with all these crossing frequencies, all of these noisy things demanding our attention, it becomes really hard to turn your mind to the big questions. it becomes really hard to find purpose. it becomes really hard not to be yet another faceless stiff who only cares about keeping up his routine.

    we fail to ask why all too often, due to all these countless distractions. these elitists you speak of, they are our leaders, they are our employers, they are even our neighbors. they are anyone who prioritizes mundane things like wealth and culture over progress. we can release ourselves from their influence if we look beyond the world of stimulus and reaction, of work and rest, and turn our minds to the big questions.

  14. Yes these elitists are our leaders, and what is crazy about it is that they are all bankers with the same hidden agenda of establishing a unified nation.

    You know what's funny? Even if the main populace does find some sort of inspiration to stand up against the establishment, to sort out the economy, you know who they're going to blame? The president. And that is the exact purpose of what a puppet does, to deliver the message, and to take the fall in order to hide the progression of HIS employer. The president has nothing to do with the economic fall, he executes nothing. The role of the president is to simply nod his head and follow the orders set forth by these secretive societies.
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    you've gotta way with words, angstrom. hahah, i dig it.

    glad you understand what i'm saying.

    Edit: and never let yourself feel as if they ( gov't , elitists , etc. ) empower you. that's another bad thing we tend to do. I've fallen into deep phases of depression , and experimented with many drug's trying to escape the life we've constructed around us. ( Most of which I regret ) Just as you said.

    But it wasn't until recently that I realized they can maybe control my actions - TO AN EXTENT. But they will NEVER control my mind. And since that blinder has been lifted off of me, i've enjoyed life much more and have found happiness in many more things than I ever used to. The simple thing's too. Simpler than most could imagine.
  16. I really do want to read this. I'm going to subscribe so I don't forget
  17. yo OP I agree with so much of what you said that it is honestly freakin me out a little bit. if only half of the population had this mindset..
  18. How can people be so blinded when the evidence is right there? You have these groups meeting behind closed doors, by the way it's illegal for any organization or groups to discuss world politics in secrecy, the Federal Reserve, the CFR, the Bilderberg group, and the Trilateral Commission. Coincidentally, guess what everyone who has been hired under Obama has in common? They are all part of these groups, some are even past presidents of these organizations. These groups meeting in secrecy, they are the ones who provide the orders in which the president has to execute. The president is nothing, he holds no powers what so ever, its these small amount of highly influencial individuals that do. As history has show, tyranny has always failed. It reaches its ugly finger too far out and eventually collapses. However, this country is under a different kind of tyranny. This country is secretly an oligarchic state, and people have to realize this fast. Did you know that the Federal Reserve is above the law? In legal terms, they are above the government, above any form of police outfit or governmental tied agencies.

    But why do people still follow Obama? By far, he has been the most groomed candidate since Jimmy Carter. Everything he has said has turned into a lie. Bring troops back from Afghanistan? Ends up sending over 30,000 troops back into the war-zone. Promised more jobs? Yes, he has succeeded, however note that these jobs are all governmental. He has resigned the patriot act, which is probably the most unpatriotic thing about this nation. He has signed an executive bill announcing all US resources to be under full control of the government. And the government, we know who controls that department.

    You know, people hear about these speeches regarding change, and these repetitive slogans such as "yes we can", but why are we not asking about their agenda? Everyone has an agenda, albeit for the good of the people, or the good of an oligarchic society. The agenda of these elite societies are not militaristic or socialistic, it is purely based on the economic control of the world. Their goal is to form one unified bank that controls the currency used by the whole world. How can anyone deny this? The sudden rise of the Euro causing the downfall of the dollar? Which leads to the proposed offer of creating a unified currency between Canda, the States, and Mexico. How are you not afraid? When Obama has repeatedly praised the Federal Agencies policy on monitoring innocent citizens through tapped phones?

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