The evolution of Earth

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  1. Fireball reported across California sky

    Just saw this article

    It mentions that up to 15,000 tons of space debris is brought to earth each year by meteors

    That got me to thinking: The Earth is still growing is size/mass.

    What other ways is the Earth itself evolving? So much is going on that reshapes the Earth
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    Tens of tons of material are gathered up by the Earth each day. Thankfully so; nothing in the night sky beats watching 'shooting stars' with the naked eye.

    When I'm out stargazing, I often say to myself "I'll go back inside after seeing one more shooting star." I'll wait, and wait, and then wait some more. Finally after catching a glimpse of one, I nearly always repeat the saying to myself and end up waiting for another!
  3. Well. We have a few things.

    The moon is moving away. Some think the moon is what keeps our core spinning through tidal interactions.

    Eventually we wont have a moon

    Eventually our core will burn out.

    Then there is life which changes its own enviroment.

    The sun is getting bigger so the earth will warm up.

    So I forded Mars followed by Venus

    Or something more like that city planet from star wars. When humans have so much.control we can keep Tue planet alive (or at least us alive)
  4. I thought of plate techtonics building mountains and then rainfall re-shaping the mountains. Those rives then re-shape themselves over whil carrying material down stream.
  5. I think earth will eventually resemble a colossal ant hive.

    If humanity stays on earth we will have it largely hollowed out the crust and built tons of technology designed to regulate the climate to keep eenvirokent from.turning into Venus

    We may start mass.scale.greenhouse farming or even artificial light farming using energy harvesters to convert high energy radiation.for the sun into visible.light.
  6. Isn't the sun going to swallow earth in a few billion years? We gotta get off this rock
  7. I think it's interesting that the Earth takes a breath every year. It's a living organism, if Jupiter didn't save our ass from asteroids Earth would be my favorite planet, it's wonderful.
  8. Its been theorized that we could use a.gravity sling to change earths orbit and fling us further away.from the sun.

    The worst that would happen is we Freez tto death instead.of vaporize

  9. Hopefully by then we will be on other planets, they say there are tons and tons of Earth like planets.
  10. It would be crazy if the Earth or whatever planet we lived on orbited a giant planet instead. We'd have the regular day and night cycle caused by rotation of our world but we'd also have a "super night" caused by getting into the shadow of the planet we were orbiting
  11. ^ but the view would be beautiful.... imagine we evolved on that planet, we would probably form cat eyes or something similar. OoooOOoo
  12. ^ or a planet that is dark on one side and light on the other because it rotates once in the same period it orbits its star

    That would lead to some strange evolution
  13. ^ and interesting wars *sigh* humanity.
  14. you know humans aren't so different from other animals

    Chimps make war on other bands of chimps. The alpha chimp will rally the others and they all follow him in a line tothe enemy camp. They eat the males and rape the females too.

    [ame=]Violent chimpanzee attack - Planet Earth - BBC wildlife - YouTube[/ame]

  15. Yeah but we have the ability to rationalize and reason, other animals rape, murder, eat their babies, and other gruesome things that our brains and spirits have told us isn't the correct behavior. We aren't very different from animals if we allow ourselves to become them, but we are completely in control of it. Not to say we aren't animals, we are indeed haha
  16. We also lose mass on the daily. I would even venture to say that while typically it gains a lil mass each year, there have probably been times where it lost mass quicker than it gained. Overall, it's probably close to balanced while typically favoring gaining mass.

    It's kind of crazy to think about, but as human numbers continue to increase, we're not only consuming resources, but taking up more mass of Earth. It's probably a fraction of a fraction of the total mass of Earth, but it's still less mass for other things.

    Many other animals have the ability to rationalize and reason, mainly other mammals. Outside of primates, I haven't seen any raping that was done for pleasure in the animal kingdom. It's beneficial to the species as a whole when a strong male 'takes' a strong female, but that is far less common than just plain old sexual attraction and willing mating as the driving force. Plus, humans perfected rape.. and murder. Not many animals murder without reason. As for killing and eating their babies, there are several reasons. Some parents do it when the baby is defective, some do it when it's a species that typically goes off on it's own. If they stick around, they're competition. Other members will kill off babies of competition as well. Like when male lions take over a pride. They kill off the babies so they can father their own with their strong genes. It's not different than when humans do/did it, kill the men and children, take their women.

    Your "spirit" is the moral code that's been programmed into your brain through your family/religion/society. Someone's coding could be the exact opposite of yours and their brain and "spirit" tell them it's ok to rape, murder, and other horrible acts.
  17. How does the Earth loose mass?
  18. One interesting concept in the earths evolution is the beaches. They used to be rocks and after many many years of enduring the ocean they slowly eroded into beach shores.

  19. We have the ability to know that murder for any reason is wrong, rape for any reason is wrong, and killing children for any reason is wrong. Dolphins viciously rape, it's not just primates. They have the ability to rationalize that this is creature is competition for food or mates, they don't have the ability to rationalize and figure out a way to share the land and resources with the conflicting creature like we do, they don't have the ability to say "okay this is wrong, taking their life is in no way fair" like we do. The rationalize in a natural evolution way, we can rationalize on a completely different level.

    We have a different definition of spirit but that's okay.

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