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Discussion in 'General' started by milkyway45, Jan 27, 2002.

  1. How are you guys in Europe doing with the new Euro? Just wondering.
  2. Peace of cake, only the one cent coin is back which is realy irritating, I'm walking with a bag full of spare change LOL!

    But I think they will abandon the cent coin very soon, It's still a same weve lost our beatifull dutch paper money, I realy thought it to be the most beatiful in the world, but hey it's only money. I was surprised how easy everybody was used to it. The transition has gone incredible smooth.

  3. Hey Superjoint do what I do with our one-cent pieces here in the states!!
    Just get a big jar and fill it up with them, when you have a full jar, count 'em up, take 'em to the bank and get bills for them!
    I call it my "extra stash" bag, but right now I'm throwing nickels dimes and quarters in it for my Hawaii-or-Vegas fund :) I rolled a bunch of the nickels/dimes/quarters and have over $50, and have a full jar of pennies & another one filled with more change to boot haha

    Maybe 30 years from now it will pay for a trip to Hawaii lol
  4. yea those litle mutha fuckas.....i have 200 bucks of change saved up since the 8th grade!! I dont think ill ever cash it in, it would be too traumatising for me to see the 3 foot tall coke bottle empty for the first time in many years.

    Sorry for being a complete moron here, but did many European nations not have 1 cent coins before the euro? Thats just not possible to me, ive always been used to having to pay that stupid 99 cents for something and getting that shiny little penny back.... I say to hell with money...USE PLASTIC! EVERYONE GO INTO DEBT!

    I like the US bills though. theyre really different from other countries money ive seen..its always the same colors and size and really simple...and its pretty easy to copy if you have a high quality scanner/printer. I read in the paper people found it easier to copy the newer bills so in five years the US is coming out with ANOTHER design of bills..FUN!
  5. Mmm... The Euro... The first days it was terrible in Spain & France. I went to France for New Year's with the shiny new coin & I found out that there weren't enough euros in course. That made that I received francs in change instead of Euros. Anyway I trusted the places (& their calculator). Finally I ended up paying in a mix of Euros & Francs.

    In Spain things were like in France, or so I've heard. The problem was the same: not enough Euros on the streets, which made that many Spanish ppl sticked to the Peseta for the first couple of weeks. Besides that, I am tired of teaching my grandma the conversion & the kind of coins that exist bla bla. & something kinda negative that has happened to my pocket is that being used to la peseta (that was our coin but it happened to be like a cent), I am spending way too much because it seems like everything's cheaper. Example: 500 pesetas are 3'02 €...

    It sounds silly, but I am trying to collectionate the different Euros in Europe. I currently have French & Spanish, & next week I am gonna get the Italian version :) *is going to Italy*

    I kinda agree with SJ, Florints were probably cute (never seen them), but what about the 25peseta coin? It had a nice hole on it, which made possible to put it in a famous saint's finger... now we've lost part of our folklore cos there's no bored coin :(
  6. I've got a follow-up question to the European members. Does ISO 9000 and 1400 as big in European Industry as they are being touted to the US industries. I'm in the middle of the registration process and all I keep hearing is that if we don't get registered we can't sell to the European markets.

    Also, is marijuana cultivation in the Netherlands ISO 9000 quality certified industry?
  7. Hi poppa,

    ISO is for industrial purposes very important, it's a trademark to make sure you get good quality merchandise or products.

    Marijuana Cultivation is not , I repeat not, ISO certified :)

    Would be a billionare by now otherwise LOL

  8. Today on the news I heard that here, in Spain, we are running low on 1 & 2 Euro coins.

    The reasons for that aren't sure... but it could be the due to the "casino machines", that keeps the coins out of circulation. The fact is I am gonna have to carry a big bag like in the Middle Ages...
  9. It would be so weird to change to another currency. I like our American money too.

    I think Americans have enough copper locked up in saved pennies to build a copper road from coast to coast. But it's fun to cash them in. (I'm sure the bank teller just loves it)

    So, we're going to have different money again here in America? Are there any previews as to what they're considering? I wonder how it's easier to copy now. Is it the enlarged portrait?
  10. ... all I know is that they were saying that not enough people check the bills against light (especially smaller notes) and that there was no point in having so many different light schemes and hidden pictures in them. So now theyre coming up with new ideas, theyre supposed to be alot more "crowded" looking, with no large blank spaces. But they dont have any designs confirmed yet I dont think.
  11. whose pictures are on the Euros? famous eurpoeans? napolean and ceasar and stuff? or do they not have faces?
  12. It is the first time I was able to see a Euro close up.

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