The End of the Semester

Discussion in 'General' started by EuropeanVW, Dec 11, 2004.

  1. Well, its my last weekend of my first semester at college. Tonight my friend got kicked out of school for the second semester for his third alcohol violation. And my roommate got booted a few weeks ago for weed.

    I'm not really looking forward to going back home really. College is pretty good. I wish I took it a bit more seriously though. I need to do alot better in classes during the second semester. I've been stoned everyday since starting my college career and I'm not really sure if thats been a smart decision.

    Oh well. You live and learn I guess. I'll put more effort into it all next semester. Good luck to every during finals, too! :hello:

    Damn I'm blazed. 3:40 in the morning, bout to throw on a movie.
  2. college is the shit man, live it up, thats what im doin now to, blazed as well, and its early as hell here, shit

    p.s. get dem grades up, lol

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