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the dysfunctional family thread

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Zylark, Aug 10, 2003.

  1. i've read a few other posts and threads regarding family life that are less than could be wanted. and...

    umm. this is a bit hard. but it is a big part of my personality, so it is fair that you should know my background on this.

    and just as that is said, i do not suffer by my background, far from it. i enjoy my life. i could not think of having any other kind of everydaylife as i do today. maybe that just goes to prove that nomatter the challenges put towards you, you may still end up having an existance that contradicts your background in a positive in manner.


    i don't know my father. he left my mom when i was about two years old. i have had no contact with him since. and i don't really want it either now as i am an adult. i missed it when i was a juvenile, but my friends got me through it.

    when i was 15 i had a *very* deadly medical condition, and the ordeal to get well was not easy. but it made me into what i am today. i've got experiences and philosophies that anybody that do not have had a brush with death do not have. i know it might sound a bit pretentious, but, well, you cannot relly appreciate life without knowing your own mortality.

    next, and this is the big bummer for me. my mother went off the deep end, going religious. k' she might think that god might save her life, but not so. she's got MS, and it will kill her sooner or later. what bugs me is that she's gotten so fanatical fundamentalist christian that she can no longer communicate neither with me, nor her former friends and family (some of which are really cool, and i keep close contact with as an impromtu "family". they help me a lot, and are very understanding too the situation)

    and through all this, i still feel lucky. i'm alive. i got a job, i got good friends and i feel a purpose to my life. hell, i enjoy myself and think i've got it cooler than a lot of others that may come from more functional families. the only thing i see as a downside is that i (and my sister) only got ourselves to depend upon.
  2. in every family there is both Disfunction & Function. The Disfunction (or that which usually gets described as such) is often part of the Function. Those families whichout any Disfunction i believe are breeding grounds for people with absolutely no real life experience, never having being put through some form of daily challenge that to them would seem the "norm".

    That is indeed a very touching story man, especially the part about your mother. heavy. no wonder you r such a great guy.
  3. digit really is a smart guy, i vote he should be president of the united pot organization
  4. i just wish i could help my sister more than my current abilities allow me. it doesn't help either that she still live in my birth town, whilst i'm off at another city for the past ten years (and counting). but she's strong. but i'm afraid one day she might break. sigh. dunno.

    and don't take this the wrong way. i'm fine, i just worry for my closest. in many ways my sister have had it worse than me. hard to explain, but she's always been the picking post within the family, and i feel like i'm the only one who stands up for her. jeez, i'm getting wet in my eyes as i write this...
  5. my dad has always been a big bum, alcoholic, and liar. but my mom always let me blaze, so it evend out. im glad my dad wasnt around as he is BUNK!

    anyways as a teen he moved around alot, i usually didnt know where he lived, didnt care to know either.
  6. very deep, like drowning in something other than your own vomit deep. i had a near death expeirience once. i was hit by a car and knocked into traffic where a van missed my head by ~3 - 6". scary shit.
  7. I got 3 siblings I dunno. Never met em. I found out about them a coupla weeks ago. Heyyy I'm an uncle :p The kid is 14. My oldest brother is a crackhead, but eh oh well I dunno him. I got a sister! Never knew that til a coupla weeks ago.
    I've never met ANY real family other than my mom, dad, and a half brother. And an aunt or 2 on my mom's side. Dunno annnnyone from my dad's side.
    My cousin doesn't know his dad. My dad told me that everyone (all my aunts and stuff on my step mom's side) think his dad is one of my aunt's husbands. So basically it's like 1 guy got with a girl, then he got with her sister, and then went back to the first girl, and now they don't wanna tell anyone. It sucks cause my cousin is here right now just last night he was talkin about "it's about time I'm about to be 21 I wanna meet the guy" but his mom won't give him a name or anything.
    But yeaaah boohoo that stuff isn't so bad.
  8. Well said Amanita!!!!
  9. nah my mom let me blaze back then because she saw how me and friends would come over and blaze and just chill, but my other buddies would get all drunk all the time and break shit and get all violent and sick and pretty much just fucke verything up. she always thought weed was better than smokes and liquor, so she never cared much.

    plus there was the added fact that a single mother has no true power over her children. i did what a wanted, i always showed her great respect, but when it came down to it, i was my own man through high school.

    i think it was the summer after grade 10 that i just started smoking out my room all the time and just never said anything about it and neither did my mom....

  10. haha me too! my parents r alkohaliks who hate me and i hate them :) one big happy fucking family :)

  11. Sometimes it is essential for something to break before it can function optimally...

    The real fear should be how she puts the peices back together...

    I'm sure she'll be fine with you holding the glue for her...
  12. ^^^ thanks. yes well, i'm sure that she will come through eventually. it's not like *she* is the problem. allthough she do make some bad decisions from time to time, but then again, who doesnt'. it's more like she's never gotten a proper break. an opportunity. she's never really gotten any backing by anyone besides me. and in this respect, family is the worst culprit. only critisism. almost regardles. that or condasending remarks.

    what she needs is to get away from it all. escape more or less, like i did when i got the oppurtunity to go study at uni. helped me lot's i'll tell you. nothing beats a few hundred miles beetween you and your less than ideal childhood / fucked up family :)

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