The Durchii Pipe Trip!

Discussion in 'The Artist's Corner' started by Durchii, Apr 3, 2006.

  1. Is your bong's color getting just a tad too old to look at?
    Is that pipe's swirl mocking you just a little too much?
    Look no further!
    Post a picture of your blandest piece (No milk shots please) and allow Durchii to photo edit the shit out of it and turn your bland wonder into a heady looking acid trip!
    Will this affect the actual color of your bowl that you have taken a picture of? Hell No. But you know what, I'm sober, bored and in dire need of abusing Paintshop! Help me my friends! Send in the pictures, and allow me some time depending on how many pile up! |

    I will complete pieces in the order that they are recieved.

    Cheers mates! :wave:
  2. Here ya go, this is my lovley little spoon.

    Pimp My Pipe.

  3. AFD, your pipe has officially been pimped!
  4. Damn dude! That's fuckin tight as fuck. I wish it really looked like that! +rep definatly.


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