the dumpee

Discussion in 'General' started by sublimer, Jul 7, 2003.

  1. well after a year and a half with an amazing girl i've been dumped. she wants to be with other people and i'm left in the dust wondering what happened. i was tossed aside out of nowhere and things just look bad right now for me. i'm askin for some positive karma to be sent this way if you guys can muster some cause it would be appreciated...sorry for the thread but i need to get a little off my chest. thanks all
  2. sorry to hear that buddy. definetly sending good vibes your way. maybe she'll come to her senses when she realizes what shes lost!!! keep yer chin up ;)
  3. maybe it wasn't meant to be...

    hope ya'll be able to work everything out....good luck and just remember if everythikng doesn't work out...they're always other fish in the sea...and we live in a mighty large ocean... :)
  4. thanks for the kind words sensi...time heals all wounds i guess so i'm tryin to hang in there

    EDIT: sorry gravy i just missed your post. thanks...i'm tryin to keep positive and you guys at the city help a bunch
  5. the walk of life...

    it hurts like fuck at times, but ultimately that which doesnt kill you makes you stronger.
    best of luck dude.
  6. I'm sorry to hear about's never fun when you're the one being dumped. Especially when you thought things were going good.

    Here's lots of karma to you...may things turn out better for you than they did for me when I was in that spot
  7. thanks tryin my best with this

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