The dumbest thing someone has ever said to you

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  1. What is the dumbest thing anyone has ever said to you? Actual stupid or funny things, not stuff like "I voted for (name)" etc.

    I think for me personally it came from a guy we used to smoke with in high school, who once told us his grandma waa on the Titanic, and on a different occasion that his uncle designed the "flat surfaces" on the stealth bomber
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  2. "Yeah I drew this it took me so long" It was a filter in photoshop that just traces all the hard lines in the photo and turns everything else white. I'm a graphic designer.. I just smiled and waved.
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  3. Lol this is the exact type of thing Im talking about, THESE type of people:rolleyes:
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  4. I sadly know a lot of people like this. I try my very hardest to avoid them.
  5. My cousin once got my boyfriends phone number which was odd and convinced him that he was an expert guitarist. My cousin was just trying to convince my boyfriend that they had something in common? My boyfriend is a hella good guitarist.. My cousin doesn't even own a guitar.
  6. wife asked if our 3 wheeler was 4 wheel drive.
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  7. Someone tried to tell me that before about WWII, most human babies were born with their eyes shut, like rabbits, but the fluoride in city water or some such had been causing the rates of open-eye births to rise steadily since then.
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  8. Does their tap water have lead in it? Lmao
  9. Some guy at my old job lied so
    Much he said he held the world record for the highest leap in history but it wasn't recorded to his name because no one knew him

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  10. not the dumbest thing but happened like 2 days ago. I sold some dank to a guy the other day and he told me he grabbed off another guy in town the other day when i had none and his weed was shit and mine is so much better. funny thing is the guy he grabbed from is my buddy that i get my stuff from and we both always have the same bud.:confused_2:
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  11. That is a hard fucking question. Probably something my Dad said about my art and creativity, It was something like "You need to stop watching all THAT CRAP", then there was one time I was watching Alice In Chains Unplugged and he said "Why do they have to be so dark!? Turn that shit off" then 7 years later I catch him in the garage listening to Alice In Chains....Guy just hates art I guess.
  12. Oh no he did NOT insult AIC unplugged :bang:
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  13. "The Kardashians are Armenian royalty. It's true, I read it on Wikipedia!"
  14. Ugh, these types
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    A friend of mine arrived at school one time with his shoes on the wrong feet. I noticed his feet looked to be pointing outward rather than inward. He had his left on his right and his right on his left. After he changed them back he admitted "yea they did feel a bit weird come to think about it." I just really don't understand how he managed to do it :p.

    A kid in high-school named Rohan looked at the fence on the edge of the oval and said to us "I reckon I could jump it." The fence was so tall that even a full grown man would've had to dive, just to clear it. "Well feel free to break a leg" laughed someone. We all watched as he sprinted toward it. He took a disgracefully tiny jump, caught both of his legs on the fence and face planted on the other side. He was quite a fast runner too, so he hit the fence (and the ground) with speed.
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  16. you broke my $60 bong. pay me $140
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  17. Never seen a bong appreciate in value... :poop:
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  18. "Don't worry about your PH." - From my friend who was an experienced grower helping me set up for my first grow.
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  19. Girlfriend asked if RPM means how many times your tires spin a minute.

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  20. Well she isn't wrong.
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