the duke lacrosse rape investigation (long post)

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  1. i don't know how many of you heard about this story. It has drawn a lot of national media attention. i live in nc (raleigh) and the incident allegedly ocurred in durham at Duke Univ and it's gotten a lot of attention on the local news as well.

    Here's the story:

    Two black female strippers went to perform at this lacrosse party. They danced for the guys. The party became roudy so the girls wanted to leave. The girls exited the house, however one went back in to get her shoes. The accusser claims that she was dragged into a bathroom and raped.

    There are many problems with her story however. Police responded earlier that night to the party. Around the point that the girls were leaving. The cops found the accusser passed out drunk.

    At some point the woman lodged a rape complaint. Her story changed several times. At first she said she was raped by about 20 guys, then later said she was raped by only 3 guys.

    DNA was found in a rape test. DNA tests have been conducted on every member of the lax team. The DNA did not match any sample from the team. This means she did have sex with someone that night but not with anyone at that party.

    There are also electronic records (cap drive receipt, atm use) that create a timeline that would put one of the accuser's not even at the party at the time when the rape allegedly occurred.

    The police let the woman look at a lineup of pictures to id her attacker's. The procedure is to mix the suspect's pictures with other pictures of nonrelated people. Instead of following police procedure, the only photos given to the accuser were photos of the lax team. that meant that no matter who she id'd, it would be someone from the lax party. She id'd 2 w/100% certainty and one w/90% certainty.

    Here's the kicker, she has done the exact same thing before. When she was younger she filed a rape complaint claiming 3 guys had raped her.

    the reason why i feel such a connection to this incident is because i had got involved in a similar situation a few years ago. girls lie about things like this. i know this for an absolute fact. not all girls (i don't mean to imply that in any way) but some girls do these things. I don't know why, maybe for the attention or maybe even for financial gain (they can sue the accused in civil court [these boys come from financially loaded families btw] for lots of money)

    here is my story,
    in middle school, i rode the bus to get to and from school. there was another middle school just a few blocks down the road from my school. the bus situation was really crappy because kids had to catch a bus from my school to go to get to their bus at the other school. it's was complicated.

    anyway, my bus was used as a shuttle bus to get people from my school to the other one. that meant that the students on the bus were comprised of the people that rode that route everyday and a few kids that were using it as a shuttle bus to get to the other school.

    one day in the middle of spring i got on the bus and went to the next to the last seat. this kid came on the bus that i hadn't seen before (he was using it as a shuttle bus). he was white. there were these two black girls that rode the bus regularly that were friend and were sitting in seats together (one was in a seat behind the other).

    since it was warm the bus was stuffy so the new dude started opening windows to let air in. when he got to the girls' seats he asked if they needed help opening their windows. they said sure. he leaned in to open the window and kinda pressed himself against her shoulder when he opened the window. she responded, "ooh, this boy is fresh" acting very friendly. after that he just went to his seat (the last seat on the bus, which was behind me.) when we got to the other school (which was only about 5 mins) he got off the bus and left.

    the next day i got called down to the principal's office and informed there were detectives that wanted to speak with me. they asked me what happened on the bus and i told them simply what i saw, which was relatively nothing. i was dismissed.

    i get a supoenia (sp?) froma defense lawyer from this dude's lawyer about 2 months later. he was accused of sexual assault. the girls claimed he stuck his fingers up their skirts into their underwear and he fondled them which was complete bullshit. the defense lawyer read the police report and saw that i hadn't seen anything. he wanted me to testify to that on the stand.

    on the court date the girls testifed first. as soon as they started they began lying so i got a legal pad from the defense atty and started writing down everything that they said that was a lie for the lawyer. he read what i wrote prior to cross-examination and then caught them on every single lie they told. he really destroyed their credibility on the stand.

    i went and testifed and my testimony diminished any hope for the prosecution. he was found not guilty as a result of my intervention. however, he was still suspended for the rest of the year when it happened.
  2. Its a shame when women lie about such a horrible act. It brings casts shame on innocents and makes it harder for women who actually go through such things when they are able to come out with their stories. In the end it helps noone.
  3. the thing is, Duke Univ cancelled the rest of lax's season
  4. As far as I can see it's pretty obvious that she is lying. The DNA evidence really speaks for itself.
  5. Forensic science evidence should almost always prove if it happened or not just because of the latest changest in the process's they do within the last couple years. I have been studying to become a forensic scientist and these cases happen all the time, ususally proven to be made up after dna evidence/trace evidence has been found.
  6. kind of reminds me of the whole kobe bryant thing...
  7. ya and their coach fuckin retired too
  8. Allegations always fuck stuff up.
  9. In cases of cry wolf if proven they're lying I believe women (or men in other cases) should be charged with a crime of some sort. It would make people less willing to accuse wrongly. Anyone else agree with me? Just seems to be too popular of a tread these days.

    Side note: 800 posts, Yahoo.

  10. yea and the guy is expelled. fucking expelled. he'll be lucky to get into community college with that shit on his record.

  11. i agree.

    youd think they could be charged with slander or something of that sort. being an accused rapist isnt too fun im sure.
  12. Thier season got canceled, their coach resigned, and all incoming freshman (for the 07' season) have all switched to different programs. I personaly know one of them, boy was he pissed

    Duke lacrosse, one of, if not the best division 1 NCAA larosse team in the country, has now been reduced to virtualy nothing all thanks to a few whores tring to get easy money.

    what a society we live in
  13. I was avoiding this thread for a while because I dont really care about local news/sex related news... But your story provided wonderful insight, thank you for sharing.

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