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  1. I know I'm not the only one waiting to get my license back without having no gay ass sr-22 and extra fees for insurance and crap! Can't wait for October, haven't been able to even lease me a damn civic :(

    I was driving back home from santa barbara, 2am july 4th weekend in 2008, and I pass by the only car on the freeway, the chick I'm with mentions "um I think you just passed an officer" .. I'm like "no no, I saw it wasn't a cop, all good" ... then fucking sirens go on!! My heart dropped... I passed their shitty little tests and then cause I was under 21 I blewthelyzer waaaack!

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  2. A lot of my buddies have DUI's. One of them for sleeping in his car in a parking lot in -10 degree weather because he had the keys in the ignition with the heat blasting.
  3. They let you get your license back after a dui?

    This fucking country sometimes... it pisses me off
  4. I dont really think having a DUI is something to be proud of.
  5. well like mwtokin' said u can get a DUI for sitting in your car with the keys in the ignition. Actually in some counties u can get a DUI for just sleeping in your car, with an open bottle, even if the keys are not in the ignition.

    I agree, some people are just ridiculous and get DUI's all the time, but for most people I would honestly say its a one time thing. And what about people who get DUIs for being high?

    And, No I have NOT gotten a DUI
  6. Wow, less people than I thought... back then I was drinking often, but barely smoking.... I prolly should've been doing the opposite :D
  7. I've had 4 DUI's all when i was 15-16 had to eventually retake my licence and learned my lesson after witnessing some friends die from drunk driving. Fuck that now though wouldn't even think of driving if im wasted.
  8. [quote name='"JPR"']I dont really think having a DUI is something to be proud of.[/quote]

    No one ever said they were proud? My father has 2 on his record and my brother has 1 for driving on a psychedelic.
  9. I think he was referring to the fact that its called a DUI "club".

    Clubs are things that are celebrated. There isn't an Alcohol Club that talks about alcoholism haha
  10. Thats exactly what I was referring to.
  11. in Wisconsin, it's only a misdemeanor until your 5th.

    it goes like this

    and you get that thing that you have to blow in your car if you're above a .15

    1st: fines
    2nd: 5-10 days in jail (probably about 4 days in jail and 6 on the bracelet)
    3rd: 30-45 days in jail
    4th: 3 months in jail (still depends on circumstance/lawyer though)
    5th: felony & depends on circumstance

  12. Fuck that's strict!
  13. how is that strict?

    wanna hear my DUI story?

    i live in PHX arizona so some of you may know where this is going...

    I was 17, it was raining out, me and three other friends had been smokin a j. we where on the freeway headin up to my house with a half oz. of mushrooms and a half oz. of bud

    well i got pulled over for making an improper lane change. cop smelt the weed instantly, asked me to step out of the car - and he tells me straight up, "either you give me the pot and i take you in, or i'm searching the car and your friends"

    so obviously i went with the better choice and went into the backseat, grabbed a small nug and handed it to him. he asked if that was it, i replied "yes sir", he didnt ask anymore questions and arrested me right there on the spot for Driving under the influence...

    i submitted to a blood test (didn't know my rights at the time) and they got all the evidence they needed by me agreeing.

    welp, about 6 months go by and i got the dreaded court date - and in no time i was without a license, and eventually without a car...

    it ruined my life in so many ways. my mom lived out in the middle of f'in nowhere and my dad had just been incarcerated so i had no choice but to drop out and get my GED. ontop of that i was in so much debt and i hadn't even moved out yet and i already felt like i was under the gun.

    after it was all said and done - including the fees for the sr-22 and interlock device i probably paid well over 4k in FUCKING fees. just thinking about it makes my teeth grit

    i still beat myself up over it all these years later, i will never know what my life would have been like if i had never smoked that 1 j in my car and if i had continued going to highschool.

    Long story short. FUCK ARIZONAS DRIVING LAWS AND FUCK SHERIFF JOE! I'd never drink and get behind the wheel but ohh boy did they make me feel like shit anyway.
  14. Jail for a DUI!? You get jail for a DUI after your like 10th time in my country and you'd get like a month.
  15. In my state you lose your license and get , I believe 10 days jail time all for your first offense. Thats not strict in my opinion.

  16. Fuck me, Personally i think jail should be reserved for more serious things tbh.
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    About 12 days ago I was pulled over for over passenger because I'm a novice driver.

    the smell of weed inside the car only made things worse lol. Cop said if i didn't tell him the truth he'd search my car and have me arrested if anything was found in the car. I had a bong the length of an arm and 2 grams of bud so I freaked and admit that I smoked weed 3 hrs prior.(rooked it as it was my first time dealing with cops)

    But I had my license suspended and car impounded for 24 hrs but I should be expecting a letter with 3 month suspension or something like that. bong and weed was not confiscated as they did not see it til after the car had been towed and when we called a cab to pick us up. :p

    I guess I should be thankful for living in Canada. Hahah.
  18. Another thread worthy of my "fuck the government" response
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    Idk I've know to many good people have their lives fucked by this. I strongly encourage people to not drink and drive. It's just not worth it. Call a cab walk or sleep in your car. Because its not always you that ends up hurt or arrested. How could you live with yourself after killing someone because of alcohol?
  20. what i've never understood was that there are people who pay $10 a mixed drink at the bar. they'll pay $6 a shot, but they won't pay $15 to get home safely to do it again next week?

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