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**the dryer, the higher?????

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by mr42O, Jan 8, 2010.

  1. Do you guys think the dryer the weed, the higher you get ???

    Personally i think that it depends on the trees..

    Some are more potents ...some just smell worse and are just the same potentcy...what you guys think???

  2. dude idk if the dryness really matters, to me i like it somewhat moist so it doesnt burn the shit outof my throat, in some cases il get some dry bud but il throw some ice cubes in my bong and that helps.
  3. Dry weed doesn't get you higher man. If anything it looses potency as the moisture is gone and it is exposed to oxygen\light\heat for long periods of time.
  4. i read somewhere that more of the THC is active when its dryer i beleive this as well
  5. No. as long as its not too wet.

    The more dry buds are the faster and harsher they will burn. plus when it gets dry it means it was not stored properly and has probably lost some potentcy.
  6. They may not be more potent, but dry buds certainly will give off a lot more keife if you're looking to make hash. I don't really care if my buds get a little dry tbh
  7. I like to buy bone dry weed because you get more. Then I put it into an air tight jar and put in a moistened Q-tip. I just take a clean Q and cut off one 'head'. Then I moisten the head still attached to the stick with a couple of drops of water. Seal that up with your bone dry weed. Leave it over night. The next day your bud will be perfectly moist, IMO. I hate buying weed that was cut the day before. I personally like moist (not wet) weed because it tastes less planty. It makes the smoke easier to get down and hold in. I think that the difference between dry and moist weed is debatable. I can understand thinking you would burn more and thus get more THC in one hit. I haven't found this to be true. I get just as ripped of weed that burns slower.
  8. I like my green sticky icky icky... :smoking:

    Juicy buds that stick to your fingers when you break 'em up..

    The buds that you can smell through your pocket and two zip lock bags.
  9. Moisture has nothing to do with it. Weed that is too dry will be harsher and weed that is too wet will burn horribly. Thats it.
  10. You dont want them right outta the ground where it's too moist but crunch weed burns too fast and is no good also.

    You gotta let the buds cure in jars for a ocuple of months and the weed will be absolutely perfect with just enough moisture to not make it crumble.

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