The Drunk and On Drugs Happy Funtime Hour

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    Has anyone else started to watch this show? It's made by and starring Ricky, Julian and Bubbles from Trailer Park Boys (Robb Wells, John Paul Tremblay, Mike Smith). Just came out recently.
  2. I think one needs to be on stronger drugs to fully appreciate the show, also probably best to watch all the episodes in one sitting. It has its moments buts its no Trailer Park Boys, that's for sure.

    Its fun trying to figure out who plays who; there's some kinda drinking game there, I just know it.
  3. I wouldn't call it anywhere close to Trailer Park Boys but it's interesting to watch. Yeah, you probably have to be real high to fully enjoy it but it's pretty crazy on its' own.
  4. I'm loving it! I had some reservations but it's really fun to watch, and the websites they put up for it are cool too. Hope they make more.
  5. Not as good as Trailer Park Boys but it's still cool. Far from what I expected too. lol
    That Mexican drug dealer played by Robb Wells has gotta be based on Dr. Gonzo.
  6. I like Trailer Park Boys a lot better, mostly because you don't have to be fucked up for it to be funny. I started watching DODHFH sober and was kind of like "... the fuck?". It's interesting to see them all out of character, especially Mike (Bubbles).
  7. I like it... except Jay Baruchel. I have very strong, very irrational hatred of that man
  8. Just caught the first episode

    I cant imagine watching this show sober.

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