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  1. Hello everyone.
    I've been hard at work on a new project. Still deep in the construction phase.
    Here are some beans I just dropped last night.

    My flowering rooms will be 2 rooms that are roughly 20'x20'. (Still need to build a wall.) Each room will be lit up with 12 nanolux 1000w de ballasts. I just had (4) 2 ton Daikin mini splits delivered today. (1) ten inch can fan pro will provide fresh air for each room.
    I will have 16 beds 2'h x 4'w x 8'l. Here is a pic of a few beds already built.

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  2. Gunna grow a little grass, eh?

    I like the way you think.
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  3. Just a lil bit...taking it one day at a time. I'm trying my best not to cut corners.

    I believe I will end up using 38 yards of soil to fill the beds to a depth of 18". Ill add another 2" of compost and another 2-3" of pine bark mulch.

    My soil mix will consist of:

    50% peat moss
    25%Teufels compost
    25%lava rock 1 1/2" minus

    1/2 cup per cubic foot
    Neem meal
    Kelp meal
    Crab shell
    Oyster shell-pacific pearl

    1 cup cubic foot
    glacial rock dust

    Nothing fancy.
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  4. Nice. Is that weed barrier fabric on the beds? I just attached a layer of that stuff to the bottom of a bed I'm preparing for vegetables and herbs. It's going on my front porch, not on ground soil, so I wanted something on the bottom to keep soil from potentially spilling out. It seems pretty flimsy though. Looks like you have it on the sides of the beds. Do you think it'll be able to hold all that soil in?
  5. wow so jellY! :yummy:
    im also wondering what the black fabric is.
    also, holy shit thats a lot of compost! :eek2::geek:X3
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  6. Hey man, I am using black landscaping fabric for the sides of the beds. There is also some 4" plastic fencing to support the sides. I've built a number of beds 18" high and have used landscape fabric alone. I prefer to have the fabric underneath the bed as well, but the labor and extra materials, isn't going to make it possible. I will be placing the beds on top of 1" foam panels. My oldest bed is approaching 4yrs old and the landscape fabric is showing lil sign of deteriorating.
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  7. Thanks for stopping by man. It'll be interesting to see if ole Rancho can pull this one off! Lol.

    80 bales @ 18 gallons each. I've used Teufels for years. Can't wait to mix it up!
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  8. Go get em Rancho! Love that ceiling height.
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  9. Damn, that's a lot of soil. You mixing all that yourself?
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  10. Haha. That's just the compost!
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  11. Very nice... you running off 3 phase or just a dedicated panel? I'd love to run that many lights but I'm limited to 200 amps atm.

    Got me thinking about my upcoming build...might shoot ya a couple PM's in a while to pick your brain if you have the time.

    Looking forward to see how this turns out....should be a good show. :love-m3j:
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  12. Funny you should mention 3 phase. It's in the process of being hooked up right now. Feel free to PM me anytime. Thanks for stopping by.
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  13. Is 3 phase easy to hook up at a resident? I've heard it's expensive. I want it for my shop

    Oh and btw, nice setup! Very well thought out. In the next several months I'll be moving away from tents and building my own grow room, I'm looking forward to it!

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  14. @highrightmeow your question about ease/cost of connecting 3 phase, assumably for a 208/220 volt connection, answer is: it depends. There's no way to properly estimate the complexity/cost without reviewing your particular situation.

    A few key variables are: distribution voltage to the mast head on the house, amp load requirements for equipment, distance of run from power panel to load, available slots on existing power panel.

    To simplify things go take a look inside your power panel. Do you have two adjacent unused slots? If not, stop here and call a licensed electrician. Next measure the distance from the power panel to your end point to include both vertical and horizontal distances. This and the end point amp load requirements determine your wire size requirements which will be one of either 10, 8, or 6 AWG cable. Cost for the cable will range from ~$1-$2 per foot depending on the length purchased (less is more $).

    The key thing to start the process is to determine your end point amperage requirements.

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  15. I believe the 3 phase will end up costing around 15k or more. I'd plan on at least 10k. There are many different types of 3 phase. Really I lucked out, due to a larger transformer being brought in for an adjacent building that is being built. Otherwise it may not have been possible. It may be a better move to just bring in more 240v in your situation. It wasn't possible for me.
    I ended up having to go w the big boy 277v-480v 3 phase, because a tenant a few units down already had it. This required a 120/240v stepdown transformer so I could run my HVAC equipment. Kinda nice I'll have 240v ballasts this way too.
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  16. For my shop it will be to run lathes, welders, etc. It's much easier to find this kind of equipment in 3 phase. But if it will cost too much I'll make do with what I have. I believe someone near my house has 3 phase so it may not be too hard to aquire. All in due time :)
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  17. Here's a pic of the veg room. All but 3 seeds have popped so far.

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  18. Here's a pic of the 3 phase breaker box. Should be hooked up in the next few days.
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    could you ELI5 (explain like im 5) whats the purpose of this box? is this for high voltage lights or sumting?

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