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The Downward Spiral

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Coldgreenetea, Jan 25, 2010.

  1. Well, here is my story. So, the past two weeks for me have been a complete fuck up.
    I am at college right now, and I always managed to stay on top of things, I dont get the best grades but I try to get shit done. Well, in these past weeks, I have found that weed + school sucks. really.
    I remember making a thread talking about how easy it is to go to class high. It is not. I dont remember anything....nothing...the notes I did take were irrelevant to the class, and now, its possible that I am not even a full time student anymore.

    so you say....Well, dont get high for two weeks and fuck up your class...

    Its not that easy now, all I cant think about is smoking more weed and getting high. Right now, im dry, and broke. I spent the last of my money on weed, and I even had to borrow. This morning I smoked a bowl of green tea to see if it did anything, it did, but its not worth it.
    In some ways, I almost wish that I took it slower, that I eased into smoking better and not so quickly...

    I might damn well have fucked my life up in these past two weeks...
  2. All I can say man is get your stuff together, and focus on what will take you the most through life. Get through this semester sober, save up some cash, and smoke during the summer. Use it as a t-break. Trust me, weed will still be available after you finish school.
  3. Yea, I think thats the plan for now. Perhaps I will start smoking again when I regain control of classes. I also bought a planner today, I never used one in high school, but now I feel like I need one to even function....shit, its 2:19pm and I have class in 30min. I still havent ate today, I just want to fucking blow shit up right now you know? gah...
  4. you smoked....

    tea leaves?
  5. so did the tea leaves taste good?
  7. no...
    not really, the aftertaste was similar to plastic...wouldn't doubt it if it was in there.
  8. im in pretty much the same position. ive lost any enthusiasm i had for my college course. i wasnt really enjoying it before but now ive started toking more often, im getting a bit of depersonalization and im much more willing to say "fuck it" and not really be bothered over the concequences.

    im not too fussed as i wasnt enjoying the course to begin with, it just feels like weed has given me the confidence to admit that! :smoking:

    if your education means that much to you man, then give up the bud for a while so you can concentrate on what will really matter to you in the long run.
  9. Of course you want to smoke. You have two weeks of work to catch up on, because you were high in class all the time.

    Now you have to catch up on your work, but you have a choice, do work or get high.

    What you need to learn is self control.
    You can do your work and get high too. Just not at the same time.

    I swear, when you get your teeth back into your work properly, you'll feel better about it.

    Two weeks isn't much to catch up on. If you leave it any longer, it will be more than two weeks.
  10. Truthfully, the best way to keep toking and do atleast decent in school is picking an easier major. Stuff like being a doctor or lawyer or accountant you can forget about unless you get your shit together.

    None of us can help you but yourself, I personally don't believe in stuff like help from a psychologist but that just me.

    If you really can't (better yet, don't want to) stop, than just pick an easier major and do the minimum work. I know a lot of kids who are doing that and those that did, a lot ended up doing fine (granted, they didn't get the high life, but live comfortably)

    Just do what you have to do, but DO NOT drop out. That's my only suggestion.
  11. my true will help you to focus...

    and if you will smoke then read your notes, it might help to stimulate why you wrote what you did, thus enabling you to better connect with what you were receiving at the time, even redrawing it in you mind......

    it is said that if you learn something drunk or high, you remember it better when drunk or high...
  12. It's not fucked up. Yes you missed some notes - maybe there's someone else in the class you can ask for them? Hopefully the exams are based of a textbook. Just stop smoking now if this is an issue and focus on your studies. This is salvageable man!
  13. #13 RepentYeNbelievethegospel, Jan 25, 2010
    Last edited: Jan 25, 2010
    I agree with whoever suggested meditation. I was in a similar situation, I managed to gradually crawl through it, but I could have done much better if I had put down the pipe and developed some motivation to Not get high.
    I know it's really hard, but just try to forget about your cannabis career as much as possible right now. If you look at the big picture(present and future life) hopefully you will see what your calling at the moment is. I find the best way to get work done is to make it interesting in even the most miniscule way. Do things like meditate, exercise, find a hobby that you can do in most places as much as possible, so you have something to spend your small amount of free time on to distract your thoughts from weed, better yet try to develope a scedule where you have as little free time as possible. Like I said I'm kinda in the same boat, and I'm working in it. It just takes time.
    You can do it, good luck!
  14. Just find something to distract yourself with. If you can find something to replace your weed habit for a while you'll be golden. Think about other things you can look forward to and appreciate at least almost as much as herb. And i find that working up a good sweat is a good distraction when you cant get your mind off weed. It's not something i look forward to necesarily, but i always feel very positive and motivated after a good workout.
  15. Dude, you need to chill the fuck out. If i were in the same room as you i'd give you a slap and tell you to calm down, nothing gets done well when your shits all stressed out, trust me.

    Just relax, ask some peeps in class if you could have a quick read of previous notes. You and Mary need some time apart if it's interfereing with your studies. Get a job and smoke at the weekend like I do.

    And dude remember, at the end of the day there is no point in stressing out and it's clouds your concentration.
  16. Yeah i would quit smoking for a while and get my shit together, i was in your same situation when i was a senior in high school. All i ever thought about was weed, my grades started to drop, and i eventually said fuck it i'm taking a break. It sucked for like 3 days but ever since then i have no problems taking breaks orte anything. Once i was able to break the habit it was easy as shit after that.

    If you can't quit, and you keep going to class high, then atleast study high and take your tests high, cuz you'll atleast retain more info that way.
  17. man i know how you feel. there was one time when i had a house (my mom's but she was in europe) all to myself and all i did was smoke weed. when i went to school i skipped half the day and went home to smoke some more and i always was high at school. so my grades went down i didnt give a fuck about what anyone thought. i dindt give a fuck i had just gotten dumped. but then i ran out of my 4 kilos and i was broke. so a 1 month t-break for me. in that month i could arrange my priorities and make sense of my life... im still a daily smoker but thats not all i do anymore... ur not alone man...
  18. Take a chill pill dude. You have taken the biggest step. You realised how weed played a role in your life, some people can continue with their daily lives while toking, while others can't. You should know yourself by now. You need to organise around the times when you can toke up. Now you know that smoking and then going to school is a bad idea. My advice is don't fucking do it again.

    Take care of yourself man, and always remember that you don't have to be high 24/7 to enjoy the gift of this herb.

    P.S. You got me thinking that this was going to be NIN's album of the smae name as the title, bummer. Awesome bannd.

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