The Distillers

Discussion in 'Music genres, Bands and Artists' started by grass roots, Nov 26, 2003.

  1. Anyone heard of this band? I guess they were some old school punk band that made it mainstream. I heard a song on the radio called Drain the Blood. I wasn't sure if i liked it at first, it was really different. And at that time i didnt know the name of the song, or the band. I never heard it again, but then my ex girl friend had a quote of one of their songs in her profile, and i asked who it was and she said the Distillers. I downloaded like every song i could find on the net. Some i liked, some i didnt :) But the majority i did. Im going out to get their cd Coral Fang in a little bit...
  2. Yea i've heard of them, don't listen to them as such but wouldn't turn them off it they were on somewhere, their alright :)

    Their getting bigger over here in the uk,theres something about the singer, she's original some how.
  3. ^
    Thats why i liked it so much, i never heard anything really like it before...
  4. Ever heard of a band called Rush?

    Now they are original.
  5. heard of them, havent heard them though. Hah.. I might have to download a few of their songs, i've heard other users talk about them...
  6. Yes, go and download all their songs and buy all their cds, they are great :p
  7. The Distillers opened for Queens of the Stone Age when I saw them in late September. Their music is okay and Brody is pretty hot.

    They're pretty much a "meh" band for me. Don't like, don't dislike.
  8. The distillers are fucking great, the album previous to the new one called "sing, sing death house" is a must buy, got me exited about punk again.... the new albums great too but not so punkish as the previous one, available on Hellcat records. songs to Download "hate me", "city of angels" "sing sing death house" etc. etc.
  9. ^
    im just listening to city of angels as i read that.. yes, indeed a good song...

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