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The Detox Im taking.....

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by TNToker615, Aug 27, 2008.

  1. hey guys,

    so im on probation and taking DTs. I was clean untill the 19th Aug. and have smoked about 10 blunts (cigarillos-3 dank, 7 mids) throughout the past 7 days including today (some were split w/ one other guy).

    so ive been taking the following twice a day for 5 days.

    -500mg Niacin
    -3 Cranberry Action Pills
    -3 Daily Detox pills
    -6 Colon Cleans pills

    and drinking a case of lipton green tea every 2 days...

    so my question is im having a huge party on Sun (the 31st) and want to smoke some blunts, if i dont smoke after that night (31st). and continue or even expand the amounts of my detox regiment, think ill be good by Sep. 11th when i take my DT. im 6ft 4in 210lbs

    PS i know no one can tell me for sure, just seeing if anyone has an opinion or experience passing DTs with the stuff im taking.
  2. i wouldent take detox pill and i would stay high on the vit b and your in good shape but i mean its probation you gota stop an dsay is it worth the risk
  3. sounds like with all that detox that youll be fine but theres no exact time that you can know youll be clean. that is just my best guess, and it's really the most youll be able to get.
  4. just get a fake piss kit... take the test high :smoking:. works for me.
  5. for sure, plus a t-break could be a good thing

  6. just had a month without bud.... my TB is over:devious:
  7. im 6'0'' and weigh 200. I use to be in drug testing program and i smoked throught the whole thing, the day after the test id smoke a fuck ton, i donno about what your talking about though, like 10 blunts +. If you do decide to smoke, do your normal regimne and drink so much water that when u do pee its practically just watter, or just get someone elses pee, do they watch you piss?

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