The destructive force of anger

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  1. I was angry about an hour or so before I wrote this. In going deeper into my anger, I felt extremely destructive. I wanted to break things, yell at people, and do other things that made no sense at all. As my rage was amplified with the passing of each second, I realized that I was extremely far away from peace and calm. I realized that this anger wasn't solving anything, and that the destruction that I wanted to inflict on other things was simultaneously being inflicted on myself.


    The sudden awareness of the self-destructive force of anger dawned on me, and caused me to calm down. This video is the byproduct of that anger.

    [ame=]The destructive force of anger - YouTube[/ame]
  2. Beat my highscore of 13 seconds of watching that crappy video before closing the tab. I dare you.
  3. [ame=]Anger Is A Weakness - YouTube[/ame]
  4. 12 seconds. A contender emerges...
  5. Glad you enjoyed it, brother!

    "Love and understanding will set you fucking free!"
  6. You have to learn to use the negative force to your advantage and turn it around to be positive
  7. Very true, even though I personally don't think that anger is inherently a negative. Do you?
  8. Yes anger comes from the aggression of being surprised in any situation that may come upon you there is no point to be angry in life cuz ur fucking up your own experience but then again this is my journey
  9. As you say in your video, I wouldn't say anger or any of these other emotions are "negative" per se. The idea is not to get caught up in your emotions, and lose awareness and control. With emotions like anger, it becomes easy to become consumed by anger, and totally lose control and just start acting purely out of that anger. The idea is to observe how you are feeling, yet be able to maintain awareness and control. If you can do this, there is no "good" or "bad." You are simply aware of what is there.
  10. Letting out some anger is important I've learned, even if it does hurt yourself and other people (as long as its not too destructive)

    Don't forget that we were put here to have an animalistic experience.
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    That whole animalistic experience part is interesting, do you mind elaborating?
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    ...Yes:p you should know you animal.

    You ever enjoy a medium-rare steak?
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    Haha I don't dig on meat but I feel you man. Enjoy your animalistic experience to the fullest!
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    Nicely put Matt.

    The destructive feelings that can come with anger are merely a sign of its power to change things into something else. Whether it's a better something else is subjective, but with awareness and control it can be used as a force for good.

    It's important that the ego-self has gone through certain transformations though, as without it there is a danger that the feeling of power will take over, especially if you start to change things or notice that you're getting results. If it becomes something that is used for personal ends rather than to change what needs to be changed, then it's destructive qualities can turn and bite the one who wealds it.
  15. Anger is a gift - rage against the machine
  16. You shouldnt be a door mat for anyone...and in the case of great injustice...such as what is happening in Somalia...anger can bring change....

    On the other hand, if you hold on to anger to make yourself FEEL can be as you say...eating away at you until if affects your life...

    "Suppose an enemy has hurt you in his own domain, why should you annoy yourself and hurt your mind in your own domain?
    Suppose someone, to annoy, provokes you to do some evil act, why allow anger to arise and thus do exactly as he wants you to do?"
    Visuddhi Magga

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