The Despot Named Lincoln

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  1. Here's a great encounter of Abraham Lincoln and his often despotic, and fascistic style of leadership. Public brainwashing centers (Public schools) would have us believe in the cartoon character of 'Honest Abe' and his righteous cause of abolition, but what our public brainwashing centers, and our fabled historians don't tell us, is that Abraham Lincoln was an ugly man, with an unconstitutional agenda, and deep-seeded hatred for the South. It comes as no surprise that our Narcissist-in-chief Barack Hussein Obama loves Lincoln, and talked about him endlessly on the campaign trial.

    The Despot Named Lincoln - David Gordon - Mises Institute

  2. [ame=]YouTube - C-SPAN Q&A with Thomas DiLorenzo on Abraham Lincoln [1][/ame]

    [ame=]YouTube - Thomas Dilorenzo - Lincoln's Tariff War[/ame]

  3. 1 Reply. How predictable the leftists are.
  4. I posted a similar thread exactly 1 year ago, didn't get much attention either:

    Lincoln Debate
  5. Better than this, lol.
  6. Ignorance is bliss, lol.

    We rhymes! :hello:
  7. Ive always hated lincoln, if you look it up though Lee was preety awful as well disobeying direct orders and all.

    " You are the grey rider - the one who will not make peace with the bluecoats "
  8. Lincoln is the WORST president we've ever had...IMO of course. And he's billed as the BEST by the mainstream... Our history is more fiction than history. It's almost good that it's not taught any more in HS.

    Believe DON'T know what to believe! "Trust no one" is a great phrase. EVERYONE twists things to their own end. You and I do too.

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