The Desperation of a Liberal

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  1. Johnny Reb Economics

    OMG he doesn't worship the Lincoln God? And he believes in self-determination!? :eek:

    This guy won a nobel prize. :rolleyes:
  2. Do you support succession if we penultimately fall to socialism/and or some hybrid imperialistic autocracy?
  3. lol, is that a rhetorical question?
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    Don't we already have a hybridized system?

    I support the secession of any state that chooses to do so.

    I love this comment.

    Wackerdoodle? Whats tragic is this person seems to think the Fractional Reserve banking deserves no controversy.
  5. Of course, I believe that people should be free to represent themselves. Especially a people so diverse as in the US.
  6. Well to answer all of you the system is rigged so that lawfully no state other than texas retains the right of succession. But I think y'all might be interested in taking a look at my blog post. It does seem rather un-american of me, but in a way it seems the only way to uphold the american way of life circa 1791 in these times that try mens souls.
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    What a great strategy... can't argue so you call names and refer the SPLC as if it was credible.. if Congressman Clay trusts the SPLC so much why would he even deal with Ron Paul?

    The whole subcommittee meeting.... audio isn't the best

    [ame=]YouTube - Ron Paul's Subcommittee Hearing 2/9/11: Can Monetary Policy Really Create Jobs?[/ame]

  8. I took a course with Richard Vedder two years ago. Economic history of the U.S., the guy really knows his stuff. Definitely the funniest professor I have ever had. Real nice guy too, threw a pizza party at his house. I think this is his last year teaching though.
  9. It was probably for something he does in the future, like Obama's. :cool:
  10. In other news...

    Obama is Racist!

  11. [ame=]YouTube - Abraham Lincoln the Murderous Union Tyrant - C-SPAN Q & A with Thomas DiLorenzo - Part 1 of 5.avi[/ame]

  12. not true. Texas v. White 187.....err 1 i think, nope 1869. interesting bit of reverse engineering by the supreme court.

    Texas v. White - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  13. I didn't know that. My uncle from Texas and AP government teacher in a seminar about state succession both told me that it retained that right. interesting.
  14. Here Krugman continues to associate the idea of self determination with racism:

    Thomas DiLorenzo responds to Clay's character attack:

    My Associations with Liars, Bigots, and Murderers by Thomas DiLorenzo

  15. Krugman is most certainly a hack, and most certainly desperate, but I'm really divided on the Rockwell crowd. DiLorenzo/Rockwell have massive victim complexes, and I'm not really their biggest fans. If DiLorenzo really does have connections with a white supremacy group, that is certainly troubling. For the sake of argument, let's assume Rockwell and DiLorenzo really were closeted racists. I honestly don't care, because the other wing of the Austrian school, the GMU/NYU crowd are taking the Austrian school Places, meanwhile the Lew Rockwell crowd are busy playing victim on The Mises Institute (sans Rockwell) is doing important things, no doubt, but I don't feel safe with the destiny of the Austrian School in the hands of some questionable people.

    Anyways, I really wish WikLeaks would get some material on Krugman. It's obvious this guy eats breakfast on the phone with Soros.

  16. [ame=]YouTube - Krugman gets p3wned on Canadian Health Care[/ame]

  17. DiLorenzo:

    "Clay lied through his teeth by stating that I "work for" the League of the South, and further stating that, consequently, I must endorse everything everyone associated with that organization has said in the succeeding thirteen years since I spoke to those students about the economics of the Civil War. This makes as much sense as saying that I endorse everything Congress says and does because I gave a presentation there on February 9."

    I'm not going to blame them for getting defensive and pissed off in their blogs.

    League of the South isn't even racist, we're talking about the SPLC here...

    An Austrian just spoke before congress on monetary policy... isn't that pretty big?
  18. i stopped caring what the SPLC said after they classified constitutionalists as a hate group.....puh.the.tic.

    to be completely honest though i didn't much care before.

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