The dentist, high.

Discussion in 'General' started by DriftingApart, Jun 14, 2010.

  1. I'm going to the dentist for my routine appointment today, and i realized that i've never actually gone to the dentist high before.

    Gonna smoke a bowl 30 minutes before i go, do you think my dentist will care if i show up high? Its not gonna stop me either way, i'm just wondering.
  2. As long as you dont stank like ganj I dont think he would care. Make sure to spray down before you go.
  3. Was planning on it, but thanks.
  4. i have dentist appointments once a month, and smoke heavily. they really dont care so long as ur not puffin in the waiting room

    i like to get stoned, get in the chair, and turn on their over head TV at play along with the cash cab! most of the time the person working on me joins in!

  5. I love cash cab!
  6. My dentist never uses enough novicane when I go in for a filling. The last time I had to get a filling, I smoked a couple bowls before and didn't feel a thing :)
  7. Hey I'm going to the dentist today too! And I was also thinking about smoking before I go. What are the chances
  8. I went and it turned out that i had to have an x-ray taken, and i had to stand up to one of those machines that spin around your head and take pictures of my teeth and it was actually pretty awesome. It felt like i was suiting up to be iron man or something.
  9. haha, where they put those heavy ass poncho like things on you
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    "now put these awkward n painful lip repressors in your mouth"


    "hold still please, keep biting and hold it"

    "Oh sorry...ok"


    "well looks like we'll have to take those xrays again"

  11. It's cool, your dentist is probably drunk anyway.

  12. those damn things they make you bite fucking suck
  13. Your still buzzed arent you ;)

    Edit: Woopsie looks like i was the buzzed one. I know see the whole sentence. Retardness for the l0$$
  14. My dentist actually made a remark the last time i was there like " hey man, i guess we dont need Novocaine"

  15. lolwut:smoking:
  16. New idea... Me... You.. A panda is and a strapon. Except the panda and the strap on are somewhere else and me and you are blazed.

    Graet idea right? :smoking::smoking:
  17. Bubblegum-flavored fluoride is my bitch lover.
  18. seriously?

    that shit makes me wanna vomit
  19. dude you are fucked up, which is sweet cause i am too:smoking:

    and yea man there is no good fluoride flavor, they all suck lol
  20. Dude im beyond fucked up. Im like to the point where im seeing in tunnel fission andeverytime i look somewhere else its like im in a sniper scope or some sghit.

    Fucking shrooms....

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