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The Demon Who Took Your Virginity

Discussion in 'General' started by cryptix420, Mar 17, 2009.

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    So, it's been around 5 years since that first time, with that first girl I was "in love" with. We dated for about a year, and were constantly together. It was the normal High School nonsense, with the off-and-onness and all that. Then, on my birthday, I logged onto Facebook to see her relationship status as "Single" and her new picture of her with another dude kissing her cheek.

    It was heartbreaking, at the time, and it was the first time I had actually cried in years. I was in a pit of depression for days, and it just sort of passed.

    Of course, since so much time has passed between now and then, and I am happily with another woman, it doesn't hurt like it used to, but there is still this weird feeling I get if I ever see a picture of her, almost like I just want to have sex her one more time.

    Just wondering, does anyone ever really get over their first, or am I just weird?
  2. I see the girl that I first had sex with all the time. She hates me now cuz I got sick of her bull shit and fights. I dont have feelings for her but i would love to tap that again.
  3. oh fuck 5 years and your still not over your first love!? omg im fucked, my ex is fucking around with everyone around me, i thought eventually i'd get over her and it wouldnt bother me but...ahh shit.............................i hate vaginas. so much.
  4. You will always remember your first... But you will get over it. My first was okay, my second was awesome but I see her atleast once a week, she lives down the road. But I haven't seen my first in about 3 years and I will randomly think about her. Doesn't mean I still want her, but fuck, your first is your first. You will always remember that. No matter how bad, how great or awkward it was, you'll remember it/her.
  5. man my girl of 2yrs just broke up with me and alls i wanna do is just go to sleep and never wake up!i need help
  6. It's a part of life. Billions have lived through it and worse, you will too.

  7. How far would you go to have her one more time.....:rolleyes:
  8. [​IMG]

    ...im jk yo....suicides for pussys man
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    trust me this is the love of my life and she just through me to the curb like a piece of garbage

    p.s. she isnt the one who took my vcard just the only girl i have ever loved!
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    Lol, thanks, made me lol a little. :)

    Gotta love those endorphins.

    Were you treatin' her right?

    I probably shouldn't joke when you're so depressed and all, sorry. But here, maybe this will cheer you up.


    No? Nothin'?
  11. And you'll still live through it, like the millions before you. Buck up. Getting hurt is a natural hurdle in life, either you take it in stride, maybe grieve for a few days, or you just give up. Seems to me that the former suggestion is the best.
  12. wasnt a big deal for me. Just was with this chick i knew from high school...one night got a text that said "Sex?"

    i replied with when and where....boom, in the back of my buddies car (let me borrow it, thanks dude!) naked fuckin......gewd times.
  13. Sorry to say broski, but love is a two way street. It ain't true love if she doesn't love you back, and "throws" you out. Sorry man, just gotta keep it movin', life is too short
  14. no a relationshipis a two way st, love can be either one way or 2way
  15. second time i have laughed since it happened thanks man! +rep
  16. can be one way, but just doesn't sound like "true love" to me if the other person doesn't reciprocate. Doesn't mean you can't still have feelings...
  17. Step back and look at yourself.

    Kinda sad huh...a little pathetic even maybe?

    Thats reason enough to stop it. Cause that's how everyone else sees you.
  18. Love and relationships are highly over rated.

    Once you hit forty and look at all those facebook bitches who were once way hot in highschool, you will quickly realize that a lot of woman don't keep well. :p
  19. Tough love man. Diceman is right.
  20. *ahem*

    I'm still a virgin.

    don't laugh. I just have not felt the need to have sex with anyone. I did do some pills with my best friend and we ended up going to third base but that's it.

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