The Deathmachine

Discussion in 'General' started by darkfire, Feb 12, 2009.

  1. From within the depths of my mind me and my friend that assisted with the kettle have created a monster of a pipe, it is by all means ridiculous and considered overkill.

    Due to my lack of picture\video taking equipment i will only describe it for now, pictures/video will come later.

    The main chassis is an old speaker box i had laying around that help a 6" speaker, we stripped open an old computer power supply cut all the rails off except the ATX connector we cut a small square hole in the side of the box and put the power input in it then screwed the power supply to the bottom of the box, the bowl is of custom make it was a circular piece of steel that we reshaped into sort of a cone shape and drilled holes into it then glued it into the tweeter hole right above the speaker hole, the switch is an old cable selector with 2 coax cables screwed onto it and the switch screwed to the side of te box right above the power input, the cables coming off the switch go back to the end of the box where they run into it and to the "hotwire" on the ATX rail of the power supply, the fan we used is a 120mm 6500RPM computer fan that we mounted inside a plastic coffee can and attatched the power to the 12v on the ATX rail then glued it onto the 6" hole, a small hole was bored into the top of the container to allow for attatchment of hoses.

    We think that this device is better used for a manuever known as "The easy bake oven" incase you dont already know, its when you get a bunch of people together and you smoke out everyroom in a house and thus it is an easy bake oven, due to the ridiculous amount of smoke this thing puts out it is best suited for such a thing.
  2. ive seen something like it on youtube
  3. i'd hit it :wave:
  4. if it was called The kettle aka death then we made it
    [ame=""]YouTube - "The Kettle" A.K.A. "Death"[/ame]

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