The day i realized my hands are real

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  1. Today i realized my hands are real. Not like real real but like real enough to exist. Their motion, bent fingers and using them, so real. They're marvelous i used them to use my metro card and it was so effortless. Little to say the least i was extremely impressed at the things real hands can do.

    So i took my real hands to handle a real situation - smoking a cigarette as soon as i got a moment to myself. To my disbelief they had already removed a dart from the packed and taken the lighter from my pocket. I was ready to go. So now i put 1 of my real hands to the test. Without any struggle the thumb sparked the flint and lit the flame, absolute best thing so far. So i used them to smoke my smoke. The hand to mouth speed ratio was timed to test their paces and they definately passed the fingers are a great feature too.

    So thats my experience with real hands. Anyone care to share, using their real hands?
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  2. Hey man! Thanks for sharing. I, too, have Real Hands that I am very proud of indeed! They can perform all manner of tasks, including typing a reply to you. It's something to be very thankful for. At least we don't have hooks or sticks for hands!
  3. Damn son, what were you smoking?
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  4. That's not from weed...

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