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The Darth Vader Gas Mask (pics and all that jazz inside)

Discussion in 'Other Toking Tools' started by Cloud Rhinos, Oct 31, 2010.

  1. It would be a lie to say I didn't have this idea going in to the party store. I drilled a tiny hole for a straw and my alcohol, and then after the party, I got out a lighter and melted a hole just big enough for the bong.




    So whatcha guys think? I'm gonna make an ewokporn video of it when I get the inspiration and song together.
  2. HAHA i did this the other week :smoke:
  3. hahah,that's cool in'a nerdy way:hello:
  4. very nice how much
  5. best thing ive seen all week
  6. Thanks for all the compliments gentlemen.
  7. lol nice 'smoke i am your father'...i like that tube to!!!:smoke:
  8. Darth Vader gets progressively paler with each picture.

  9. I desaturated and added a warmer tone, but each picture has a different brightness setting.
  10. I think he means like vaders black in the first pick then white and whiter
  11. haha yeah, thats what i meant
  12. I find your lack of smoke disturbing..lol nice milkshots.
  13. fucking awesome!
  14. lol it's two different people. COME ON guys!!

  15. The black kid's my buddy, I wanted to get in a few shots of him hitting it.

    I'm the white kid in the hoodie.

  16. How did you get it to work? Is it like on your face like a gas mask or is the bong pushed in far enough so you can put your mouth in to hit it?
  17. Haha this is awesome man that second picture should be your avy its awesome.

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