the "damn these males!" thread

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  1. well im noticing a few people bitching about their male plants now as budding season is upon us so ive decided to make one thread where we can all come to piss and moan and console one another on our misfortune.

    i have, well had, 5 nice plants going untill i went out today to water them and found that one of the biggest and bushiest ones had balls hanging off it!:mad: well, they wernt hanging yet, still small and not open so im ok but still they were there. dammit! i have em all planted really close togeather so i just cut it off at the ground with my pocket knife so as not to destroy the others roots. the only good news was the other 4 are for sure girlies and got some nice sticky hairs commin out. theres my tragic story. feel free to bitch and gripe and join me in my mourning.
  2. I use mainly femmed seeds. I have not seen any of 9 plants go hermie and don't see why they would.
  3. Good luck with your harvest, Liquor.
  4. Thanks Cantharis. I have learned a lot from you and OldPork. I really think things are going to turn out well for my first outdoor grow. I have done very minimal indoors before but nothing compares to cutting the expense of lighting and such for the free sun. I spent my money on better things, like good genetics and femmed seeds.
  5. finding male plants in your plot sucks and i could only think of one good use for them. tell some chump kid that they are females and sell them to him.
  6. Well allow me to clarify something about hermies. If you let a true female plant go for very long in the season, sometimes you will get a very few seeds tucked away in a few buds. That's because some female plants will produce a few seeds to keep the strain going. I had a plant like this and I never even saw the balls...I just let it go a very long time. All the seeds will be female in this case.
  7. 5/7 of my plants were male. but i still have bud from my outdoor last year. Last year i had 13/15 female a ridiculous ratio that I am paying for this year by getting only 2/7 females. Luck is always something that you can't account for.
  8. Not to toot my own horn here, but It seemed as if I couldn't MAKE one turn male this year!:yay:
  9. I kept a male in a remote location this year and plan to make some seeds. Does anyone have any tips on how to apply to only a small portion of plant and not ruin the whole thing? Keep in mind that it must blend in so plastic bag over branch will not work so nice.
  10. Read my seed setting below, but that relies on plastic bags. I can´t think of any other practical way that will retain pollen on one branch. I think you want the impossible. Good luck anyway.
  11. What's up guys (and girls?),

    Out of 16 at beginning from bagseeed:

    - 3 males in preflowering stage (mid July)

    - 2 hermies beginning August (kind of cute with flowers and balls). I was able to smoke those, nice high since there were little buds too. I was confused at first (before smoking them :rolleyes:) because a part of me was saying, "hey man look at the bud, it's a fem"., the other part of me was saying "no look at the tiny balls". But then I thought of the outcome with thousands of seeds and in doubt cut them off with a knife after putting them gently in bag (balls were small and closed of course). Hermies were pretty big but not bigger than some other fems.

    - 11 fems remaining: pretty lucky! Now they're relaxing in the sun!
  12. just got back from my spot and found that 3/5 were males. i was pissed off because they were the biggest and looked better than the females.
    i guess 2 will have to do this year. i need to clone some females for next year
  13. No bitches here; eight of ten are female. Other two, trainwreck and Shiva are going to town, Mandala No 1 and Safari mix are all between 6 and ten feet tall!! I just had to try one grow w/o topping, fimming or alything else, last time outdoor I do that!!

    All in all, the projected weight may very well be there. From ten plants, at this point, I'm guessing eight pounds or so.

    Good luck.


    Sept 5th 08 001.jpg

    Sept 5th 08 002.jpg

    Sept 5th 08 009.jpg [/ATTACH]

  14. 9 plants.....

    2 males....

  15. I had 3/4 males and the female is the 2nd smallest of them all ahhh! What ever there is always next year.
  16. i had 1 plant outside. it grew balls.
    i'm over it

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