the cure for the college students stealth grow op nightmares

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    this is the cure for the college students stealth growing nightmares it looks hust like a storage cabinet you would put clothes and shoes or books and paperwork maybe cds or dvds
    but if you cover the inside with plastic mylar no light will shine through
    simply drill a hole i the back for the power strip
    cut a hole in the top for vent ducting
    then take a shoe box and cut a hole the same size as the vent ducting and yo can put that over the whole on the top of your closet then put the ducting through the whole on the top and through the botton of the shoe box and it will look like a shoe box ontop of your storage cabinet but it will in all actuality be an air exhaust
    you can attach that ducting to a small carbon filter and then to a squirell cage fan no smell then
    maybe two plants in the one i showed above
    with a 250 watt hps it wouldnt be a bad little setup
    it might cost a little to setup but with a cheap hydro bubble bucket setup it will save you in the long run
    or you could grow two plants and when you harvest sell one plants bud and smoke one plants buds youll make your money back and have bud to smoke and the next harvest is all profit except maintanance good luck
  2. Pretty good idea. The depth of the box looks a little restricting. But it looks as though you could have at least two large yielding plants.
  3. Nice idea except for I dont live in a dorm but at home during college. Im more of the type who grows to smoke it themselves rather than sell and risk chances of getting caught.
  4. good idea but its not worth getting kicked out of ur school for growing bud and its gona look real bad on ur records just grow it at home dont take the fucking chance cuz in college dorms they do crack people with this
  5. where would one be able to find this cabinet?
  6. you could find one similar to that at wal mart or any furniture store
  7. home depot has good storage cabinets.... their 72h, 30-48w, 20d. im about to start a sog grow in one thanks to the dr. greenbud method. but as for the shorter storage cabinets that are 2ft tall.....i got one of those now and i have 6 plants in 1 liters under cfl's
  8. I know 7 different heads that have grown in a dorm on a public college campus. None of them were caught, and more than half were running perpetual grows.

    The most important lesson I learned from them is commitment to odor control. That is the central reason none of them were caught. Even when one of my buddies blazed, he would use a DIY hand-held carbon scrubber to mitigate the smell. Didn't want to give 5-0 a reason to get in the room.

    With that said, its definitely risky to do in a college dorm -- but if you have a cabinet/closet and some serious dedication to your project and its security, you should be home free.

    Note: None of the guys growing were pushing either, which definitely helps security-wise.

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