The Cure For Cancer.

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  1. Why is it this has not been discovered by scientists, yet with a bit of research and article-reading, It's so obvious what the cure is.

    RNA Interference is a cellular mechanism where a cell discovers and destroys viral genes. Basically a self-defense mechanism. Once these viral genes, which take the form of double-stranded RNA have been located, the cell searches for cells of the same genetic make-up to make sure there is no more of the viral gene.

    Essentially this can be divided into a part A and part B:
    A) The cell identifies and destroys viral invaders; the appearance of double-stranded of RNA sounds a cellular alarm.
    B) The cellular machines go back and search the cell for the "messenger" RNA that replies to the newly destroyed strands.

    So essentially it's like you waiting for somebody after school, in the front doors, all the people coming and going through the doors. Your eyes gazing back and forth upon he/she in which you wait for. Always taking time to go scan surrounding areas in case you missed him/her.

    Most people never take the time to understand cancer, cancer cells don't kill off other cells, they multiply. They ignore the "suicide" signals, well more like repress them, and become so numerous that whatever they occupy can no longer contain them. Much like an over-populated city. This occurs when cells ignore "Apoptosis", which is the function in which enables cells to die, cancer cells over-ride this "command."

    So shove the double-stranded RNA genetics of the suicide repressor gene into a cancer cell, the one that enabled the cell to ignore apoptosis and become cancerous to begin with. The cancer cell destroys this gene, thinking it is a virus, and then begins a hunt for similar cells. It then finds and kills, destroying the very gene enabling it to survive to begin with. With the suicide repressor gene halted, the function of cell suicide is no longer held back, and the cell kills itself off.

    Now why isn't that idea being looked into? If it is, it's not come to the attention of anybody I know, otherwise it would have been more talked about.

    Perhaps its because Scientists are too involved in the "cause and effect" scheme. They know cancer cells don't die, they're too busy looking at what causes the suicide repressor gene to function in which the way it does. Why don't they quit beating around the bush and get straight to the point, design a cure that involves the cancer killing itself off, much like two fires meeting and starving themselves of oxygen, thus extinguising one another? I'm sure this isn't 100% fool proof, but I'd say it's 100x better than what we've got so far.

  2. Because you cannot Patent a plant and therefor there is no significant profit to be made by those Pharmaceutical company's.
  3. Wait, WHAT?

    Did you even READ that? I don't recall even MENTIONING marijuana having ANYTHING to do with it.

    It was just a bit of research, I could be wrong, but whatever.
  4. Watch this, all 7 parts:

    [ame=""]YouTube - RUN FROM THE CURE - The Rick Simpson Story (Part 1 of 7)[/ame]

  5. You haven't but I did.

    Especially because this is a Marijuana related board.
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    ^very true. but thats not what hes talking about.

    but your ignoring one simple fact. that cancer is caused (among other ways ofcourse) when the RNA gene for killing virus's is either mutated, destroyed or malfunctions in chromosomes. unless your talking about genetically engeneering a super strand of RNA that cannot be over ridden, destroyed or mutated in an environment as harsh as a cancer infested body then you cannot back up for such a theory.

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