The Culture High

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  1. Upon watching "The Culture High", I have mixed emotions. I never really realized until now how fucked up the whole "business" of prison is in the US (Canadian pride what what), I mean before now it never occurred to me that putting people in jail is literally a business. And since money rules all ,OF COURSE they're going to bust more people who recreationally toke, instead of actual criminals, just to give privatized prisons more bodies so the government along with the prisons can make a killing. It makes me legitimately sad that people will believe the horse shit that politicians and corporations use to brain wash them, then believe solid fact that you can find by doing just a small bit of research. On the other hand, the documentary also gave me a sense of hope for the future because of what they touched on at the end. The internet is an unstoppable force where you can find information as well as people to talk about that information with. If the truth is anywhere for a mass audience to see, it's online. 
    Has anybody else taken the time to watch this amazing film? I want to hear other people's thoughts  :D

  2. Yeah The Culture High is definitely better at pulling the veil off some shady shit then The Union was.

    I did watch it and that movie just made me mad at everything. Some very sad and some very infuriating facts in that movie that really arent sugarcoated a bit, which is good. It was a good movie. It likes The Union is the bulletproof legalization argument and The Culture High is the bulletproof "why we're here in the first place" argument.

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