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The crappy "next day"

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Fluke, Mar 8, 2004.

  1. I was concluding a lousy week with a good dose of weed, which was great at the time...
    But after waking up the next day and remembering the serious case of the munchies I had, I became very sick. With heartburn and gas and vomit. Sorry if that was a little gross.

    Has that happened to you guys at all?

  2. Only from alcohole :D
  3. If I have a big smoke session I will be kind of "burnt out" the next day. Where all I want to do is sleep, and I can't/don't really want to do anything.
  4. same here
  5. For some wierd reason I always feel way better the day after a big smoke out, the words seem to roll off my tongue...
  6. i feel fucking refreshed as hell the day after i smoke. Kinda like if i slept the whole day before.
  7. alot of my friends wont smoke with me if we got somethin important to do the next day, because they say theyre always wicket tired and stupid the next day, but i never feel like that, and they buy bud from me, so maybe it jus happens to certain people
  8. think of it as a pot hangover,
    the best way to fix it is with a good bong high!
  9. i remember when i first started smoking, the day after always felt new and great, i was refreshed and it just generally kicked ass

    now, not the same.
  10. when you smoke everyday, those pot hangovers go away. Or maybe you just get used to them. At one point I had forgotten all about them until after I had to quit.

  11. i get the same way, if i grub out before i pas out the next morning is rough. some of my friends have puked off weed, and personally i dont know how it happenes. i never even feel like im gonna throw up. cracks me up too lol...
  12. I have seen pretty seasoned tokers puke after a big bong rip, they all say that it was from coughing a hit up and then coughing to hard. And weed hang-overs seem so wierd to me, I have never had one, thats one of the many things I like about weed.

  13. earl lmao
    Ive never heard no one say earl before, in a puking manner.
  14. I don't get a 'hangover' or feel down or anything from smoking, just a bit monged out in the morning but that's nice.

  15. Thats cause the green is so sticky and there is nothing really to do but think of new words and play in the woods... we're just really baked and bored all the time. at least in my neck of the woods.

  16. Sounds like it. You have a sweet sig.

    And whos that in your avatar?
  17. You should get some bawls, the energy drink, that'll get ya goin'

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