the cover of my poulrty file !

Discussion in 'The Artist's Corner' started by the rainman!, Apr 15, 2002.

  1. a few years ago i was riseing chickens and i made a file to keep the paper work for them i just cant get off the cover i drew back than ,i look at it and i just like it! what do think ? is it just me or dose he look the part?

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  2. You can almost hear him crowin' tazz! :smoke:
  3. i drew & colored that in under 4 mins , it still make me wonder ! why like it ?
  4. Are you still able to draw rainman? I know your health is bad.You have, or had, talent. I've NEVER been able to draw, and always dearly wanted to.Guess all my artistic veins run to music. :smoke:
  5. Lookin good that thing could scare me though. =)

    I wish i could draw
  6. i dont know if i can still draw but havent tryed yet! i hope to soon ! i just have not dont any drawing after my injury ,liveing was more inportent! but let me show you this its something i realy like in drawing arts ! its a picture by a.m. chase the name may not mean alot to most but she was a great writer and did only a very few drawings this one is the one i like the most!its called the maidian it was done with ink quill and is not a copy!

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  7. cool pic, thanks tazz! :smoke:
  8. check this out ,this is a paiting in oil ,by the woman that started me in art at 8 years old she a great painter ! she still paints often and i love watch her paint!

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