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  1. Where are you blades living?and the cost of your place? Rent or buying?
    currently buying a house for $125,000. ( 3bedroom 2 bath)In cali around 750+ bills a month.. northern cali...

    What about you guys?

  2. obviously it depends where...i I think that in Northern California, is not too expensive... of course, it depends what neighborhood and area.. But in nor cal, good, friendly, family safe, neighborhoods are not too expensive. Imo....

  3. damn that would be a shitty ass house for that much where I live
  4. Well, it actually a decent house...not shitty or anything.. But yea, cali is a more costly In Missouri, for that can buy a fat ass house, with a few acres of land...but its MO....any ways, what kind deals do you fellow blades get it?

  5. Buying a three bedroom house for $72k in western Kentucky.
  6. Nice,How much land? Like I said, 125,000...has a little less then half an acre for a backyard...

  7. Just under three acres. Got a pretty great deal for the place, really. That price is including all the money I put into getting the house back into shape after I bought it, new roof, new floors, had to replace some drywall, etc.
    So yeah, needless to say the cost of living here is pretty cheap compared to most of the US.
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    Yea ,living in the middle, or near The center of usa, is cheaper aunt got a 3 story house in Mo...(was huge) for about 150,000..and like a little less than 5 acres hunting lol...

  9. nah north cal is decent with prices, move into la haha crazy rent prices

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  10. I got a four bedroom house with a fenced yard for 500 a month. Add on utilities and amenities and I spend around 800 a month roughly.

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  11. Which state? Good land?

  12. Good ole Illinois! And it's decent i have maybe 3/4 of an acre and most of it is backyard so I'm not complaining and all three dogs love it.

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  13. I live in Fargo nd it's about 500 for a 1bedroom but this is one of the cheaper places in north Dakota in williston or Minot you could pay 2k for a one bedroom easy

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  14. Thats pretty expensive...for that price, I would live in a nice big city...

  15. Yeah I'd move if the economy was stronger in other areas of the US as it stands now Texas would be the only other option

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  16. my condo is $2,200 a month in a state that has retarded marijuana laws.
  17. I'm looking to buy a house here in Vermont but a lot of 3 bedrooms are getting up to the 300,000 range. My rent is 1,275 which includes heat and water. Now that's too damn high
  18. Its feels like, living on either coast is more costly... But living more to the center is cheaper...idk just my opinion


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