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The correct way to smoke hash out of a hookah?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by dgaretz, Aug 24, 2007.

  1. I've smoked bud out of my hookah before and its, ok, i'de rather just hit my bong, but I've always wanted to smoke my hookah the way it was designed to hundreds of years ago. I've probably got about a 1/4 oz of hash that I'de love to smoke in my hookah.

    Do you mix it with shish? Or what?
  2. I don't advise smoking anything alongside shisha. Its hella bad for the lungs. Shisha is meant to be puffed and tasted, not inhaled.
  3. Just take a razor and slice little flakes off of the blockj of hash, and put them on your bowls. Or, take a chunk you want to smoke, put it on the end of a tack, and light it like an inscent, blow it out, then put a glass over it, and let the glass fill up with smoke, drag it to the edge of the table and suck the smoke out when it looks like theres a good hash hit. Or you can stick a straw under the glass.
  4. screw the hooker make some cakes did, me and two mate did the other week and one was so lifted he had to lie down on a bed for like 8 hours. best way to do cheap dirty hash.
  5. Which way ? I dont know what make some cakes did, means.
  6. holy shit a 1/4 of hash? how much does something like that go for? and was it like pure or mixed?
  7. I would just experiment.

    I would personally try crumbling it first, but that may make it burn too fast. I dont know.
  8. How stoned are you guys? This thread is from 2007 hahaha

  9. hahaha

    now thats humorous

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