the coolest thing i have ever seen

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  1. Last night a friend of mine had a party at his house.
    Me and a few of my friends Were sitting inside chillin n smokin some blunts
    Next thing I know someone comes in and says

    "Hey guys, (I'm gonna call him... rockstar:p) rockstar is here!"

    Immediately I'm like Whaaat... rockstar, reallyyyy?
    ( I know this kid from school n he is pretty weirdd and crazy, he is always
    sayin weird shit but it can be funny.. I have never
    seen him outside of school either.)

    He was wearingg an mma fight jersey, he had a mohawk, a Chrome necklace,
    And 2 big diamonds in his ears.. he was a rockstar

    So rockstar walks in and is being loud as hell and is drinking everyone's half drank
    Beers and I get him to calm down and start rapping for everyone
    (He actually is reallyyyy good)

    so now that he isn't raising hell anymore me and my friend go back into the living room
    And start to smoke a blizzy. Were just sitting there talkin bout random shit and we can hear Everyone gettin loud down the hallway in the other room. One of my other friends walks into
    Where we are and is like "there's a bunch of idiots in the other room" and we just are like " we know" and laugh and he walks back into the other room.
    Then, he comes back and is like" you guys gotta come on here and see this, this dumbass is about to drink the Bong water"

    we leave the blunt in the ashtray and Sprint down the hallay into my friends room
    and of course rockstar is standing there with the Bong inhis hand, and about 10
    people sta nding around him yelling "chug! Chug! Chug!"
    (This is one of the most disgusting bongs ever, the water hadn't been changed in like
    6 months and smelled horrible)
    As soon as we get in the room he looks a me, gives me a thumbs up, and
    Chugs that shitwater! I was laughing so hard I couldn't breath.. then I went back in the
    other room and finished my blunt:smoke:

    he never threw up or anything he even said it tasted good Hahahaha
  2. It's cool that everyone enjoys their time with this kid now, but be careful man. Someone that reckless can be bad news down the road. Shit's pretty funny though.
  3. Wow I want to party with that kid lol.
  4. Why the hell would you not empty your bong water for months... thats fuckin gross :(
  5. sounds like a fun time.~
    except I would never drink my dirty bong water heheh.
  6. Hooray for stupid people.
  7. HAHA thats sick as fuck. Next party get him to do it again, and take a vid for the city
  8. Anyone else have stories about people drinking Bong water??
  9. Hahaha one of my friends was at a party with no booze and we all said we'd give him a beer if he slammed dirty bong water. Sure enough, Chris slammed it. He tried to act tough and take it like a man but ended up puking his balls up a couple minutes later. What a fucking laugh.
  10. ahahahaha thats so awesome dude. my buddy ryan was just like that i miss the kid. it would always be DUDE DO IT RYAN YOULL BE A SAVAGE . he once drank the nastiest bong water and puked everywhere hahahaha..

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