The coolest mutation? Do I have something special?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by Grand theft avocadoh, Jun 26, 2019.

  1. I just noticed this yesterday. Has anybody ever seen this happen before? It has branches shooting straight up from the fan leafs right next to the normal branching at the nodes. It’s like this all the way up the plant. Is this just some kind of awesome mutation or what’s going on? This plant was actually one of the “runt” seedlings that I almost didn’t even try to grow out but I did. Do I have something special Haven’t topped it yet or anything. Please let me know what you guys and girls think.


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  2. Looks like it is creating extra nodes.
  3. It looks like it's just coming into flower. I bet you'll soon see flowers coming out of all those, it's a baby cola forming.
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  4. Yep i realize they are new colas, which is dope as fuck because it doubles the amount of colas on the plant. you said you think it’s flowering but how would a plant start flowering outdoors in June with almost 14 and1/2 hours of Southern California sunlight? Does this mean it’s probably an auto-flower? That actually could be possible since this was a mystery seed grow, I don’t know what strain it is. Almost didn’t even grow it out. I’ve never grown an autoflower. This plant has been outside since around late April or early May. Does that timeline match up if it’s an autoflower? How long do autoflowers take?

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  5. No thats nothing special id cut that off of there if it was mine

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  6. I was saying it was coming into flower because of the pistils up a little higher. If it's not flowering then I guess those are preflowers.
  7. No yeah I totally see what you mean a little higher up that’s why I’m genuinely confused. None of the other 7 plants are showing any signs of flowering but Im also running 6 different strains pretty much the same age. This one definitely has the most sativa in it just by looking at the leaves and has Really long internodes. I’m an indica guy so all the others are indica dominant and 2 of them have almost totally indica in their lineage.
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  8. I had a similar female mutation years ago. Each branch, and eventually the main top, would terminate down to a single leaf petiole with a single serrated finger leaf. And some of those petioles would sprout another branch off the leaf petioles like what you have pictured.
    It finished with about a quarter pound yield. It had a devastating heavy narcotic body stone. Which was typical for that particular variety.
    More recently I had a female seedling sprout that actually had a homunculus twin growing off the same tap root.
    It was an exact miniature copy seedling sprout complete with tiny cotyledon leaves and all. After about a month establishing itself, it resembled a especially heavily branched secondary limb. Only growing completely separate from the main plant's stalk!
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  9. This plant has naturally doubled the amount of colas all the way up the plant with this mutation, I’m wondering why you would cut them off? Seems counterintuitive...

  10. This plant has naturally doubled the amount of colas all the way up the plant with this mutation, I’m wondering why you would cut them off? Seems counterintuitive...
  11. How will that fan leaf support a branch.
  12. I think I'd take a cutting of that plant just in case it turns out special. Please keep us updated on this.
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  13. You're dealing with a mutation. Possibly the plant is producing excess free radicals - excessive cell division - not unlike a cancer growth. The petiole's may swell up in girth.
  14. Now that I think about it, we've had people post pictures of this happening before.
  15. Nature always finds a way. No it’s actually not much different than normal branching. It will definitely support though. And even if it couldn’t support It i would just support the branch with some string

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  16. Do you remember how any of them turned out?

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  17. I remember someone posting a fan leaf that was growing a branch like the one pictured above. Sorry, I just can't remember what happened. It was years ago.
  18. Okay so look at how busy this plant is around the stalk. Those are basically all colas starting to branch out. I’ve never seen a plant so busy you can barely see the main stalk. And this is all happening natural, there is no need to top because the plant has already naturally doubled the amount of colas...[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

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  19. Also I just noticed that it’s throwing 3 bladed leafs every once in a while. You may see a few in the photos...

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  20. That's a sign of stress.

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