The company that I work for is.....

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  1. taking a good amount of my paycheck and not giving it back.

    I get paid every 3 weeks and this last paycheck I noticed that they had around 10 hours on my paycheck missing. So I went to payroll to get it all figured out. They said they cannot give me my money back because "It was a 5 week month last month." WTF? If anything I should get paid more, not less.

    Anyways, I went to my boss about it and he just shrugged and said "That's the way it is." I did my best to control my anger and I just walked away.

    My question to the city is, has this happened to any of you? If so I would like to know how you handled the situation. Even if this hasn't happened to you I would greatly appreciate your input. Is getting a lawyer the right move here?

    Thanks blades
  2. piss in the water cooler
  3. thats fucked, i guess our economy is headed toward a third world country setting...
  4. I would be fucking livid, I must say you handled it well.
  5. This post seems confusing.

    What you need to do is write down all the hours you have worked, all the paychecks you have received, and start matching them up.

    Show him a chart with all the paychecks you were paid, and all the hours you are missing pay for. Be organized and do the work for them, it's YOUR money for Christ sake not theirs!

    If he still shrugs his shoulders show him the evidence, tell him "So when will I be paid for these hours?". If he tries to change the subject or something, be very clear with this question. If they still refuse to pay you, steal some money from the till and quit that job.

    They want the money back and want to settle it in court? Well fine, you have the perfect charts for that exact occasion.
  6. Thanks for the replies blades, I work the same hours every week so my paycheck is exactly the same, every time. Also, I'm on my break and I'm talking to people in the same department as me, they are doing it to everyone in it, but not other departments.

  7. they're hoein you bro, take that shit to court
  8. Who do you work for?

    A crack dealer?
  9. drop the phrase "labor board" and your shit will get sorted out real quick. I had a similar situation with a company in socal and when I questioned the legality of the practice later that day I was told the missing amount would be on my next check. if this does not work look up you state dept of industrial relations aka "the labor board" and file a missing wages form,the company will gladly pay the money to avoid an investigation as once the investigator sees it's routine to hold funds it is a crime and comes with a penalty for every time the funds were witheld and those penalties multiply after so many incidents, in cali after 5 it's $100 per incident and after 10 it's $1000 per incident so companies don't want the DIR snooping through payroll as it could lead to a fucking disaster.
  10. dude class action law suit, simply all of you take that fucker to court for every nickel and dime they owe you, and teach thing a thing or two about screwing people over.

    not very nice, I hope your company owners get beat up really bad, bad enough where they loose all their teeth and damn some,
  11. Just to make sure I never get screwed over I write down the hours I've worked on a calendar at home, and make copies of my payroll check. Then I match them up just to make sure. It's never happened to me but if it did I'm not sure what I would do if they wouldn't give me my money.

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