the color of neutral rep

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  1. So i hear all this arguing all the time about whether it's gray or purple. Well I'm here today to end this argument once and for all. After some 'careful deducing', i have determined exactly what color it is.

    Here is the exact color of neutral rep, at large size so you can clearly see it:


    The hex code of this color is #767f9d. Using that hex code, it's clear what color this is. Clearly, it's not gray, but it's also not purple. If you look at the region of this hex code, it becomes clear that neutral rep is actually a shade of blue-gray. I suppose you could call it slate.

    So, that's it.
  2. Yes, it's blue, almost washed out to grey. However, the neutral rep icon is made up of more than one colour, so it's hard to define. Blue-grey IMO.
  3. anyone who cares about the color of neutral rep, has too much time on their hands :)
  4. Smooooooke! :smoke:
  5. i was hoping no one would bring this up..but that's true. however there's only really 2 colors on the icon, there's the main color (the one i posted), and the border. But the border is basically just the same color, only darkened, and the actually filling of the little icon is the color from my first post. So i'm sticking to gray-blue.

  6. I told you! I told all of you motherfuckers!

    It's blue!
  7. i'm not starting it, i'm ending it :cool:

    haha. seriously though, anyone can look up that hex code and that color isn't even really close to purple. It's in between light blue and dark blue.

    ^^ haha wow i had no idea someone already beat me to this :(

  8. In all realities, purple is a range of hues anyway, its not a color hahahahahhahaha, as soon as you pass a certain point inbetween red and blue, you are in "purple" but none of them are purple, they are just in the range of hues coined, purple. Colors are fantastic arent they?????
  9. I thought that was achieved in the other thread.
  10. lol well the way i see it, all colors are really just wavelengths of light anyway, and this color happens to be in the wavelengths that blue is in.

    @above, i'll admit, i didn't read that whole thread. guess i probably should have.
  11. Really...this again? -_-

  12. Hahaha thats true, but there is no purple wavelength, its a combo of 2 wavelengths it doesnt get its own like the rest of the cool colors do
  13. Christ, not this again.



  14. are you saying the rep is purple? its clearly been proved Royk that it is NOT a violet/purple, its no where NEAR a hue of red within the blues to be "purple"

  15. Lillacy-purple. Lillacy. Lillac. Look at the picture. LOOK!
  16. its orange for all i care

  17. Well, seeing as lilacs are a hue of violet, called lilac, i disagree :)

    The rep, is blue. Lilacs are violet, and purple ISNT A DAMN COLOR!!!!!!!!!! thats my new poem ;)
  18. It is lillac!!! Do you want to take this outside?!

    *takes off earrings*

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  19. Lilac (color) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Lilac is a shade of violet, not purple. It does say, it is described as a light purple, but if you follow the link to purple, it will explain, purple is a range of hues and therefore can not be easily used to describe a color, as more than one hue, is purple.

    AND LILAC HAS 2 L's!! NOT 3!!!!!!

    Lets take this outside...... and go find some lilacs.... and ask them HAHAHAHA

    I could have the purple argument all day though, my uncle and i used to as i thought purple was a color, but he pwned me for many years so i just accepted his truth, purple isnt a color, you lose hahahahahahhahahaha

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