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  1. Searched for similar threads but couldn't find any.

    This thread is about everything coffee related! Whether it be about what equipment you're using, to what roast you've been into lately, or how you drink your cuppa joe.

    I'm currently using the Bodum Kenya french press (best device ever! Tastes better than most high tech brewers)


    pair it with some of te good stuff:

    Almost always drink it black, with maybe a cream, at most.
  2. ^^ that looks badass!

    i just use a krups drip machine mostly.. it does the job. I do dig the french press though, it makes the best cup of coffee imo.. just a pain in the ass for a lazy wake and baker :D

    drinking some Guatemala dark roast this week (there's a really good roaster near my home that roasts fresh stuff all the time)
    They had some Kona ($38/lb) and some Jamaican Blue mountain ($56/lb) but that's too rich for my blood lol..
  3. I've got one of those kuereg 1-cup-at a-time makers. Since I don't use my regular coffee pot anymore I use my electric coffee grinder to grind up my weed. Works awesome.
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    The Bodum is a very well made French Press and arguably makes the best coffee possible but some people find the sludge in the last sip of each cup offensive. Personally I just don't drink that last sip. If you like French Press style coffee and would like to try it without spending a lot of money, try the AeroPress by Aerobee. It's the same principle but uses a filter to keep the sludge out of your cup and makes perfect French Press style coffee. It's ugly, plastic and klutzy to use but the coffee it makes is second to none, even better than my Freling Insulated Stainless Press.

    I've got a Bodum myself, but its not insulated so as the coffee steeps, the temperature drops. I recently purchased an Insulated Freling Stainless Steel French Press from Amazon. It's awesome to look at and keeps coffee hot during the steeping process and does make better coffee than my Bodum, and is really a work of art to look at.

    Also, for those who have watched "Dangerous Grounds" on TV, the episode from New Guinea got my curiosity up so I ordered some of the Papua New Guinea Coffee. It's a Blue Mountain variety similar to Jamaican but has a fantastic chocolate flavor that's quite nice. It's cheaper than the Jamaican variety and currently my favorite coffee. Here is where to get the stuff:
    I've tried 2 other coffee from LaColombe. Their coffee is a notch or two above any gourmet coffee store coffee I've tried in the past. If you watch the TV show on the Travel Channel, you'll see the trouble Todd goes to getting his beans. Starbucks buys coffee by the boatload and although their buyers purchase high quality green beans and roast them the Starbucks (dark) way, when you're buying a whole boatload of coffee it's not going to be the DANK stuff that Todd gets for LaColmbe. If you want DANK Coffee, try it and use a French Press.

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  5. I <3 coffee..mines gota be blonde
    it mostly goes
    1 cup coffee
    1 cup sugar
    1 cup creamer XD

    nuhh but I like it sweet forsures,vanilla creamer is bomb :3
    hazlenuts pretty good too an once I had some called irish cream
    whoaa it was heaven in cream form..
  6. I feel like an alchemist when I brew coffee

  7. too!

  8. You should get a good grinder (burr) just for coffee, use a grind slightly finer than "drip" and make your own K-Cups. Besides drinking coffee that ends up costing over $50/lb using K-Cups, being plastic they are contributing to the trash problems we've got and the quality of the coffee they use in those horrible little plastic litter packs leaves a lot to be desired. Kuereg makes a great coffee maker but their coffee sucks. You really don't know how good that machine can be until you make your own K-Cups with good coffee. Try La Colombe I mentioned ^^, get a cheater cup and really enjoy the Kuereg Machine.

  9. Honey, you're not drinking coffee you are drinking a milk shake:rolleyes:
  10. [quote name='"MilkyLumpkinz"']I <3 coffee..mines gota be blonde
    it mostly goes
    1 cup coffee
    1 cup sugar
    1 cup creamer XD

    nuhh but I like it sweet forsures,vanilla creamer is bomb :3
    hazlenuts pretty good too an once I had some called irish cream
    whoaa it was heaven in cream form..[/quote]

    This is not coffee, there is no reason to adds coffee to your 2 cups of cream and sugar.

    [quote name='"Elechronic"']"What do you think Sarge, do you think this is paraphernalia?" "Well, it does say 'weed loading surface' on it."

  11. Can I get a cup of coffe, black? Can't you see we're talkin, white?
  12. I'm pretty ghetto. I don't own a coffee pot or a french press or anything. I just put a coffee filter in a fine mesh strainer, throw the coffee in, pour boiling water over top, and let it drip into a mug :laughing:

    Add a tablespoon of coconut oil and a tablespoon of MCT oil, use a hand mixer to whip it up until frothy, and chug it down.

    Oh, I use this coffee:

  13. Has anyone tried the bullet proof coffee from
  14. I have. It's alright. Certainly nothing special taste-wise, IMO. I definitely don't think it's worth the price he's asking for, and it took about a month to get my order. I ordered from bulletproofexec though. Onnit just recently started stocking it.

    If you subscribe to Dave Asprey's schtick about coffee mold and all that, you can buy green, single origin beans for anywhere between $2 and $5 per pound and roast them yourself.

  15. I've heard from joe that its amazing and constantly hear about it on the podcast. I heard alot of coffee has mold in it too. Cool man, have you tried any onnit products?

  16. You gotta remember that Joe is getting a cut from Onnit sales. I take his Onnit product recommendations with a grain of salt most of the time.

    I do use Shroomtech Sport everyday, though. I find that it really gives me an extra edge in my training, and it's about the only product that Onnit sells that isn't ridiculously overpriced for what you get. I cringe every time I meet someone who buys New Mood or Alpha Brain.
  17. I use a generic French press I got from tescos and usually like Colombian blends n Italian
  18. I do foldgers straight black. Everything else needs a lil bit of cream and sugar
  19. O I like a sugar and like the smallest bit of millk

  20. New mood definately worked for me man, I didn't reallynotice much with alpha brain tho.

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