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The Classes and Prices of Bud in Your Area?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by jfeezy, Oct 4, 2005.

  1. I know theres been posts like this before, but I'm asking for prices on specific qualities of Weed...

    Dirties (brown, stemmy, shaky, seedy) - $25 an 1/8, $100-$120 an OZ. (luckily Dirties are almost never around.)

    Low Grade Commercial (ugly color green, seedy) $25-$30 an 1/8, $150 an OZ.

    Mid Grade Commercial (standard bud, has some hairs) $30 an 1/8, $150-$180 an OZ.

    Middies (Orange Hairs, a few crystals, some seeds) $30-$35 an 1/8, $200 an OZ.

    Good Garden (Grown Locally, Bright Red Hairs, Crystals, Skunky) $30 an 1/8, $240 an OZ.

    Chronic (actually just commercial Dank but we refer to it as chron no matter what) $50 an 1/8, Ounces are usually unattainable.

    Afghani Hydro (the highest quality bud in the area, this shits the bomb, but still overpriced) $25 a gram. This shit smells and tastes like candy, its sticky as fuck and LOADED with crystals and orange hairs.
  2. Texas



  3. I have a buddy who spent a few years in Houston and could get Oz's of Commercial Dro for $80. He said if he was broke and just wanted to get high they sold 5 gram blunts of commercial for $5. Thats fuckin' insane.
  4. I don't get it... why are all the grades from low to garden $30/8th?

    Around here, it's generally:

    Mids - $40/8th, for decent mids with some red hairs and a few seeds.
    High - $50/8th, red hairs, no seeds
    Headies/Dank - $60/8th, covered in trichromes etc.

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