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The City Is Starting To Bore Me

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by weedboss, Jul 20, 2003.

  1. Is it me or do n e of u feel that the city is getting quite boring now days, no disrespect yo but i just keep on seeinfg the same type of posts all the time. Do you think it's it's time to make a new message board, i mean after several months in the city i don't really see that much that excites me n e more, things are getting a lil boring do you guys think there is n e way we could improve it at all.
  2. Maybe we can make this thread the Official Suggestion Box for the City.

    Everybody get high, get creative and start posting.


    Suggestion #1: Get even higher than you are right now and come up with more suggestions.

  3. i know im new and have probably done this a lot but when new people come here and start new threads when there is already 3 on the topic... i c this sometimes, i sometimes post on it because its a little different, but using the search would help
  4. suggestion #2: stop posting teh same damn threads over and over. or get teh mods on merge quests more. surely it cant b hard to find the 47 threads with titles like "salvia question" etc and merge them all to one.

    juuuust a suggestion.

    also weedboss... u could try making your own more interesting threads.
  5. Free nachos after every post.
  6. suggestion: make a forum for nude pics of lesbians having sex....

    hells yea...

  7. ^^^ Now that's the best idea i have heard yet :D LOL Jus Jk go to yahooka if you want that dude. digit i have posted enough enjoyable threads for you guys so let's see what can be done to improve our site. First off what kind of things do you guys wanna see improved on the city, i mean we should always update and improve stuff so n e input on this would be great and maybe it can lead to bigger and better things for the City and all our tokers ;).
  8. I'm certainly not bored :D
  9. Bored think i am going to overgrow forums i like them too! A lil too much so i may just make a going away forum and go to Overgrow.

  10. i sent super j a pm about that, i think we should have somthing about the search feature in BIG BIG black letters when you sign up
  11. i agree w/ whoever started this thread, alot of the posts are the same shit, notihing really new

    maybe we've built up a tolerence for the city. hahahaha
  12. suggestion: completely clean out all the posts and make us start from scratch

  13. I really like this idea. What do you moderators think?

  14. If we do this............ the newbies will be flooding the site with BS post just to get to 1000 post so they can see what that forum is all about...

    Then we will all be bitching because so many people will be posting at the same time and it will take alot longer for us to post!!!!!1
  15. We will never start over from scratch. That would just push me overboard. I wouldn't be able to handle that. That was suggested at one time and we all gave it a thumbs down.

    Merging threads....that is good for some but how many posts do you read where the subject has completely switched to another or even many different ones?

    The search function is the biggest issue. If more people would use it, we would get less of the same questions and threads over and over again.

    Also, people need to post in the correct forums. I hate reading about coke in the Recreational MJ Use forum. If something weird happened to you while you were high in Central in the Real Life Stories forum, not Rec. MJ Use.

    Does everyone read Today's Active Threads first? Or do you all go to specific forums? I do the Active Threads first myself.

  16. How bout you guys pick all ppl over 1000 posts and after that ppl who have posted good stuff on the city would also be allowed to join e.g. GanjaMom, newbies who just flood will have no chance to join. There should be a code and couduct for this and how you can get into this new message board and that ppl will have to acheive to be invited into this specially selected message board.
  17. There would be too much involved in having to keep up with who's allowed in and who isn't.

    Also, it would be like picking favorites.

    It would be a division of the City. I don't see that as a good thing. We try so hard to discourage barriers. There are so many barriers that exist in our world that really shouldn't be factors yet they are huge factors and affect how people live their lives. The City is a huge stoner family. I see no reason to want any kind of divisions to be prevalent in our City. The OFFFS and YFFFS is one that we already have and then the Mods are divisioned off although I'd like to think that since we are still just Blades that you don't see us as being in some kind of special club, because it really isn't like that. It's a lot of work keeping this place cleaned up and dealing with any problems that arise. I love the City and love doing it but I'm just a Blade like everyone else when it comes to my thoughts and ideas.

    I don't know...I'm all high and shit and I just want us all to feel like the big happy stoner family that we are.

    Next Suggestion: Be high like me! :D

  18. Love to but taking a little break from the ganja ting, i feel more fresh and wanna keep it that way, maybe that's why i have been having misunderstandings with ppl at the mo in the city, i'm not stoned enough to connect with some you guys i guess, but it was just a suggestion let's see what we can realistically do then.
  19. I don't like this 1000 post elitist idea.. Here's why...

    One, the number of posts one has made reflects nothing upon that person.

    Two, there are several people that reach 1000 posts only a couple months after they registered, and not all of them make quality posts...

    Three, if anything I'd vote for number of posts to not be shown. Some people make too big of a deal about it.

    As for actual suggestion, how about people utilize some of the forums we have more? My favorite threads are in the less popular forums, such as:Spirituality and philosophy, or the artists corner. Maybe if everyone participated more.
  20. yea i agree with everyone on the 1000 post thing, i mean i've been here since october but i dont post a lot, i didnt hit 100 until several months ago.. but just cuz i dont post a lot shouldn't make it so that i'm not allowed to view a certain forum.
    thats just my opinion tho.

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