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Discussion in 'General' started by HoldFastHope, Jun 12, 2009.

  1. how many grasscity tokers also enjoy a nice butt? I really dig my american spirits, i buy packs pretty regularly now but i started out just bumming marlboros (ick) off of my friends if they didn't mind.

    Cigarettes are relaxing, the buzz is delicious, the flavor is certainly an acquired taste but I don't mind it. Nothing like ripping a butt on the back porch on a summer night.

    Weed tastes easily 100x better than cigarette smoke, and smells better too. And being high is way sweeter than being buzzed. But sometimes when I have a lot of shit to get done and I can't afford to be really high and gooning out, I would rather smoke a cig than some ganja. Also, smoking a cig when you're really high/on shrooms is a captivating experience, watching the smoke coming off the tip and shit. just my personal thoughts on cigarettes

    others' thoughts on cigarettes?
    yeah, i know they're bad for you. that's not what i came here to talk about.
  2. I regret ever smoking cigs man. It's so hard for me trying to quit.

    oh and they fucking kill you :cry:
  3. i smoked cigs for a month, quit because i felt like i was startin to get addicted. now im addicted to black n milds...llol

  4. Congrats thos are probably worse for you then cigs :)
  5. i am a self admitted smoking fiend. i know its absolutely horrible for me, but i try to counteract it with daily exercise. i know i should quit, but i can honestly say i dont want to quit yet.
  6. god damn cigs

    i love them, but hate them at the same time

    if i hated them as much as i loved them i'da quit a long time ago

    but, the love is too strong <---- the addiction talking
  7. agreed, once you really start, its hard to stop
  8. dont you mean the cancer-stick thread, that shit is no good for nobody. i am around it constantly and it just makes you smell terrible. im use to it though, i just smoke mad weed. you can really tell a difference in someones breathing capabilities after prolonged use of cigs., one of my homies dad's straight up dont blow smoke out when he chokes out, which is everytime he smokes. he will take a good hit and blow out the smallest wimper of smoke and cough for at least 20 minutes straight. i smoke a cig probably once every 2 months or so.but enough rant..enjoy your nicotine!!!:wave:
  9. I hate cigs but can't stop smoking them. Tobacco will be the death of me
  10. I like Camel Frost, Camel No. 9 Menthols, or Camel '99s.
  11. Wow, everyones so fucking annoying about cigs. I dont understand how you can hate it and smoke them, if the staste like shit stop. personally i love me some Nat Shermans or Davidoffs. I still wana try American Spirits and marlboro and camel suck my dick. worst shits ever.
  12. I love smoking. I love getting high and smoking. I love getting drunk and smoking. I love having sex and smoking.

  13. im sure i could give it up if i had a wife with a baby on the way
  14. I smoke like once or twice a day. More when im bored. I like menthols. I pick Marijuana over tabbacco ANY time ANY day ANY moment.
  15. The Tabacco Industry has to one of the most corrupt out there.... Yet I smoke a pack a day..sigh its pretty sad what they do and get away with and nobody even really cares...:(
  16. I hate cigs man. Tobacco tastes bad. and they just make me feel sick and i start throwing up..and it smells 10 times more than weed. i'd rather just stick with the weed.

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