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  1. Any Christian, that is still a Christian after watching the first 36 minutes of this film, consider yourself permanently delusional.


    And I fiercely challenge any Christian to come up with a reason to keep being one.

    I'm not saying from what I see here God does not exist, but what I am asserting is that Christianity is indeed the ultimate fraud, as described in the thesis of this film.
  2. i love this movie, my friend actually posted this. i was going to make a thread about this. this is a great movie. watch it. its long but its so good that, you can tolerate it. im glad someone did this, thanks. it has its own website and i question mine belief in god too tr, the second part of the movie deals with the 9/11 conspiracy
  3. I haven't watched this, only heard about it on the internet.

    It is a conspiracy theory correct?

    I'd rather read the primary sources, personally, than take what some movie says.
  4. apparently im delusional.
  5. well im on 56k and cant watch, but ill make wild assumptions its about the smashing pumpkins. i dont know why they would make a movie about christians and 9/11. :confused:


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  6. im sure the atheists of this forum will be pleased about your new sig.

    but ya, i WISH this video was about the smashing pumpkins, or i would have been reluctant to watch the rest of it. unfortunately, its not.
  7. Well, what makes you continue to be Christian? Family tradition? Education? What is your strongest reason for holding true to the faith?
  8. Will watch when I get the chance... Though I've been doubting how much I really believe the Bible anymore... I've come across some things within the texts that I've been debating with myself for a while... And apparently I lost, lol... I'll give ya a hint... It has to deal with Jesus claiming that only The Father knows when the end will come... And the fact that Jesus says that He (Jesus) does not know, but ONLY the Father... Kinda hard when they're one in the same don't ya think?

    Basically it comes down to how can an Omniscient God (Jesus) NOT know something that another part of the SAME omniscient God does know? Doesn't work, and thus I present the only legitimate doctrinal contradiction in scripture :D It's a doctrinal belief that God, the Son (Jesus) and the Spirit are all equally God, and thus equally omniscient and omnipotent... If one part of this trinity knows less than another, then it's impossible that they're all equally God...

    So for all you still Christians... Answer me this question... How can Jesus know LESS than God the Father when they're supposedly the SAME entity?
  9. just saw the whole movie , Dam, just dam.........those bastards.
  10. Remembering that I'm anti-religion:

    I've watched about ten minutes worth, and so far they've made some very broad generalisations, and said a lot of things that aren't true, which worries me about the rest of the content. Anyone who is about to watch, you can pretty much scratch everything they say about Horus and the similarities to JC. They've also changed the facts concerning other mythical/real figures.

    Some is right, but...

  11. Part 2 is completely wrong.
    I haven't seen Part 3 (I think a GC'er already went on to prove it wrong though).
    Part 1 is convincing but that's only because I'm ignorant towards religion so all the facts they're feeding me I have nothing to prove against them.
  12. Why should my beliefs be questioned by some video?

    All of these people who continuously question religions and their validity, how can you be so sure there isn't a God? And if you don't believe in God, than why does it bother you so much when other people do?

    Let people believe what they want, it doesn't affect you unless you let it anyway.

  13. I find that interesting: that you KNOW more about 9/11 than you do about Jesus. Not that I know anything about Jesus, only what was written about him, but I would consider myself a better handler on Jesus questions for sure.. Interesting..

  14. I believe we are all connected. What Christ taught would be a great philosophy if this is true.

  15. It doesnt matter if its a video or a book. Besides, if you truly believe your religion you should be able to take all arguments into consideration.

    I dont dictate peoples lives and argue by quoting an old, faulty book that uninformed people who were afraid of their own shadows wrote centuries ago. Im tired of seeing the government give tax payers dollars to churches instead of funding schools. I am tired of people waking me up in the morning only to try to convert me to their belief system. I am tired of people being taken advantage of by people who say "jesus can help", and "only god can help you". I am sickened to see that priests who try to emulate jesus molest children. I am disgusted by how our great country, is being turned into a religious and paranoid state by our own elected leaders.

    I am tired of organized religion.

    It's fine if you believe in god, god's, the sun, thor, allah, a magical jar of nutella, the flying spaghetti monster, or whatever. Everyone has the right to believe in what they want. But the church and organized religion has a long history of bullying people around and dictating other peoples lives, and its pissed people off.

    Rant Mode disengaged.

  16. Thats the problem I had with the video, it all seems to fit together perfectly.....too perfectly. If indeed what this video says is true (regarding relgion as it relates astrology) then you would think more people would be aware of this evidence and it would be discussed on a much broader scale. It would be the most damning evidence to discredit religion in my opinion.....IF the facts were straight.

    As far as 9/11 goes, something shady went down. The video has no effect on my opinion of that.

    There is no way that an attack of that scale could have been carried out over american soil without anyone being aware until it was too late....these arent the days of pearl harbor. There is such a lack of important material evidence to back up the claims of Washington when it comes to 9/11, that any normal person would have to ask the question: Who's really responsible?
  17. I am boiled in the bag as they say, but if I could just add to that: They say that the stars of Orion's Belt are called the Three Kings, as though they were called that in antiquity at the time the texts were written. Only three people's call them the Three Kings - some mexicans, and some belarussian peasants and the readers of a particular version of a south african bible. All are modern uses.

    Babylonian and Hebrew astronomy had a place for Orion and other constellations, but not as Three Kings.

    Also, they showed a representation of the 'earliest known' representation of the Zodiac. There are far earlier zodiacs and not all used the same creatures to represent constellations, nor do they always include the same groupings of stars as constellations. The 'zodiac' is not something that is and always has been in a single form.

  18. I truly do believe in my religion, and my faith, and that is why even after watching that video, it did not change my beliefs. Had I not truly believed in my beliefs, perhaps it may have worked. That video seems like it wants to just turn agnostics into atheists, but then again, it is the cool new thing to be an atheist, so rock out dude.

    That's good, because I also don't dictate people's lives, nor do I run around quoting the Bible. How do you know the people that wrote the bible were misinformed, or that they were afraid of everything? For the same exact reason people use against the validity of the Bible, I will use back, you weren't there HOW would you know what was truly happening?

    I'm sorry that people try to convert you early in the am, move to a less religious part of the country or get a sign on your door telling them to go away. Or better yet, why not sit down and have a conversation with them about God, and see their point of view?

    Just because a few priests have molested children doesn't mean people say it's okay to do that, which is why the Catholic Church has paid a lot of money in grievances.

    And newsflash, this country was founded on paranoia and religion, which is why everyone hauled ass over here because they didn't want to persecuted for their beliefs.

    You can be tired of organized religion, no one is saying you have to have any kind of faith whatsoever.

    Exactly right my friend. I must say though, the flying spaghetti monster thing is hilarious, I learned about it in my world religions class :p
  19. I agree 100%. Even when I was all super Christian, I still had enough respect for other people that if they didn't wanna hear about it, I shut up... It's just common decency (sp?)... One of Christianity's core beliefs is to preach the gospel to every creature -- but it's also made clear that if a person doesn't want the gospel, to leave them be.

    On the other-hand... Isn't it kind of hypocritical to bitch about how religious people try to convert you, only to try to do the same in return by trying to convert them to atheist (not saying you specifically, but I notice that very thing going on a lot here)...

    True... The ones who do that shit fuck it up for those who actually follow the book, though. You can't judge the religion by the idiots -- judge it by the book/ideals it's based on.

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