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  1. Don't get me wrong, i actually have a super low self esteem, And i think I'm starting to go crazy, but i feel as if I'm someone of importance in the future.

    Is it weird to feel this way?
  2. Not too crazy. You are important, its up to you just how important.
    All I can say is make the right decisions now, sacrifice fun for fruition.
    Every missed opportunity will haunt you the rest of your life.
    Life goes by really fast, don't fuck it up.
  3. You can feel it dream it w.e. you want, but to actually do something about it is what separates the employees from the employer.
  4. you are the single most important person in all of existence.

    you can only see the world through your eyes, what you see and experience should be more important to you than what i do.

    people rag on narcissists, but your world really does revolve around you. that doesn't mean you cant be a kind, generous, and compassionate person, but you also need to value yourself.
  5. We all feel this way. It is a side effect of sentience.
  6. Yeah most feelings you have aren't unique. It's the combination that is unique. I've definitely felt this way before, like I could change the world if I compiled the perfect string of words, with the correct inflections, with the right tonality and presence perfect to my human shape.
    Good luck with that if you choose to follow it.
  7. These two guys hit the proverbial nail on the head.
  8. Life isn't short. It's incredibly long. it's filled with hardship, sorrow and loss but wouldn't you know it, it's the most spectacular thing you'll come to know. 
  9. To quote Uncle Ben: with great power comes great responsibilty.

    Anyone can have power but not everyone can put it to good. Ask yourself if youre prepared to face that responsibilty.
  10. Dude, someone needs to make sure those beers are stacked and lined up properly.... You are *Important*
  11. Seriously man what's up with the disrespect
    I'm working at a gas station stocking drinks/food but that doesn't mean I'm any less important than you :)
    What?... Say as to a Rich Investment Banker?...
    I would say your very much more important than an lousy good for nothing money leeching Investment banker. Infact everyone is that feeling of value/importantace for the Joy & Pain they face throughout life, no matter who you are.  :smoke:

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