The Child Killer Obama Spews Bullshit In Belfast Ireland

Discussion in 'Politics' started by SmokinP, Jun 17, 2013.

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    Hilarious hearing the murdering bastard stating that it is great that the people of Belfast can now travel around their city free from checkpoints and soldiers on the streets when the bastard is supporting and financing the Israelis to do the same to the people of Palestine. 
    Fuckin hypocrite.... :mad:

  2. Who cares about israel? He is doing the same here

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  3. Europe went berserk for his candidacy when he ran the first time, as if they'd ever elect a man of his background as leader.  
    Pretty boring speech, the same old stuff.  
  4.  I do and a hell of a lot of others also do.
    The stooge (calling him a man is an insult to the rest of us) sickens me. As bad as his predecessors were this smiling, lying, hypocrite takes it to a new level. 
    They sure did. Everyone fell for his lies. Europeans believed that this was a man who was not a warmonger, someone who was going to bring real change to US foreign policy (which is all non Americans really care about) but he turned out to be a spoofer.
    When you say background are you referring to his colour ? 
  6. he was raised by known terrorists.. least thats what I
  7. I would think that his color would prevent him from getting elected in many European countries, try as they might to claim they are non-discriminatory in this regard.  
  8. He probably spews shit in Antarctica too.
    He spews it everywhere.

  9. The security in Fermanagh (which is in N Ireland) for the G8 summit is OTT this time compared to his visit a few years ago. You cannot get when in 20 miles of the summit. Some friends of mine who went up to protest yesterday were greeted by British SAS types tooled up to the last and ordered at gunpoint to turn around or face jail.
    I agree. The coloured people in Europe have not been here as long as they have in the US and are not as integrated as in the US. There was never much of a market for African slaves here, most if not all coloured people in Europe are economic immigrants.
  11. I think that they see them as entertaining, but not quite on the same level of humanity as themselves.  
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    I would not go that far as to say that they are found entertaining. Very few coloured people have got involved in politics here in Europe. We have a coloured African immigrant as mayor of a small town here in Ireland but no coloured members of parliament. Can't off the top of my head think of any who have ran apart from an Indian doctor who was in parliament about 10 years ago. In the UK there are coloured people in parliament and they are treated the same as non coloured and the same is true in many other European countries.
    In Europe we seem to be more open and accepting of people and cultures that are different than our own but that said there has been a rise in support for the far right scumbag parties largely due to fear mongering about Islam and the usual "the Muslims are trying to take over" crap spewed by these types. The type of people who have fallen for this though tend to be the uneducated types, what you guys refer to as trailer trash and rednecks. :)
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    Trailer trash, rednecks, and other nasty terms for working class Southern white people, usually descendants of indentured servants who were as badly exploited as black slaves, have been part of a program to systematically demonize a segment of the society that has been kicked around since the end of the Civil War.   They originally were pitted against Black people in order to keep the ruling classes from being overthrown.   Anybody can insult them and get laughs, call them whatever  they like, there are no rules against any of it as there are for virtually all others. 
    A similar type of situation may be happening in Europe, with regards to these native Europeans, in their objection to Muslims.  That being said, I do believe that the rise of this religion, NOT the skin color of most Muslims or their non-religious culture, is a bad thing.    

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