the cheapest, easiest drip irrigation system ever

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by stankyoleman, Sep 25, 2007.

  1. found this in my travels.... holy hell seems like it might be extremely well suited for small to medium grows or w/e

  2. Ya i've seen that method done before. Looks ok, but you still have to water the plants once a day. How is that benefical:confused:

    I'm looking for a drip system that can water my plants for 2 weeks or a month, can anyone recommend any ideas:confused: Something that is cheap and easy to make.

  3. Ya, I'd be hella interested in that too. I think any large resevoir could have a gravity drip system that would work. The key is to release the resevoir contents slowly enough that it lasts a couple weeks. I suppose it could just be a matter of finding a small enough emitter, but that could take alot of testing to get right and might be prone to error? Dunno...
  4. [​IMG]

    This is what I want to use and I'm sure there is many Outdoor growers that have done this before. If so could you please help me with what else I need to get started and instructions on how to make and set up this idea would be really helpful. Mucho thanks.
  5. Why cut some some flexible 1/2 pcv plumbing and attach one end as low on the container as you can and cork off the other end. Then put those little copper self piercing valves (made for running to icemakers for your fridge) along the length of your 1/2 pipeline everywhere you want to drip water to. You can adjust these valves dude. Think of the possibilities.
  6. ever thought of a small electric pump you could get a small solar panal for the top of the rubbermaid containers....... just a thought!

  7. in my flower garden i have a tubed drip system with 1/8 in tube and drip nozzles i bet if you could find a way to make it gravity feed it would release for a week or two depending on your garden size
  8. one of my friends recently bought a small fluorescent light that is solar powered from harbor freight. he mounted the light in his shed and put the solar panel on top and it works great. it isn't a very bright light at all, but when it is pitch black outside it is enough. anyway, i say all this to say, he bought that thing for less than $20 so solar panels can't be that expensive if you find the right place to buy from. maybe i'll look around this week. haha, my whole house will be solar powered next week probably.

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