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The Chariot's Comprehensive Beginner's Guide

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by The Chariot, Aug 1, 2012.

  1. Hello fellow Blades!

    Welcome to my comprehensive beginner's guide.

    The beginnings of my experience with herb were dark days indeed. I remember feeling as if I was in the dark about everything that was going on. I was frustrated. There was so much that I didn't know about, and not many people were helpful in the beginning. I didn't realize that there was so much to know, and it was a bit overwhelming at first. That's what I'm hoping to remedy for a few of you newbies out there.

    The guide will follow this structure...
    1. CONDUCT
    a. Personal
    b. Friends
    c. Public
    d. Police (don't worry.)
    2. SPOTS
    a. On Foot
    b. Vehicular
    c. Safety
    3. METHODS
    a. Pieces
    b. Waterpipes
    c. Papers
    d. Other
    4. *FIRST TIMERS* :wave:
    a. Effects
    b. Tips

    1. CONDUCT

    Everyone loves to play it cool. :cool: It's fun to be a cool person. Think cool like, James Dean. Marlon Brando. Paul Newman. When you keep your head and think fast and intelligently, you're simply going to have a better experience, and moreover a better time.

    a. Personal Conduct

    Now that you know it's good to keep cool, let's try to help out with
    that. Many things may happen in your travels, but if there was one
    thing that I would stress, it's to USE ALL OF YOUR SENSES to ensure
    a good and safe time to be had by all. It may seem like a rather
    childish concept, but you'd be surprised how some things go
    unnoticed unless you're paying close attention.
    Keep your EYES open to SEE any problems before they come into
    your vicinity. Be sure to pay attention to changes in lighting in your
    general area. If you are indoors or in a vehicle, remember to check
    your surroundings and clean up your area when you are done. Offer
    to help clean up if a mess was made and either the apparatus or the
    herb belonged to someone else. If it is your own, you should always
    assume full responsibility for cleaning the area, apparatus, etc.

    Keep a sharp EAR to HEAR movement when outdoors, or to listen
    for voices, footsteps, etc., that may be important signals when
    smoking privately. Your vision and hearing are very important tools
    for having a safe experience.

    Have a keen NOSE to SMELL for unexplainable odors, such as
    something that may have been burned and went unnoticed,
    (clothing, hair, etc., you'd be surprised). Also, it's usually a good
    idea to have some sort of odor-canceling spray around if you want
    to keep the areas that you smoke in smelling fresh, and to nullify
    the smell of smoking in an area that may be public at other times.
    TASTE is significantly less important as far as safety goes, however
    it is more of something that is acquired over time. Take note from
    the very beginning of your experience, the taste of the herb smoke.
    In the near future, you will be able to identify the quality of the buds
    by the taste and smell alone. (Taste and smell are very similar and
    related senses, however smell relates more to safety and comfort).
    Now, slightly differently, yet extremely important, how do you FEEL?
    Making sure that you feel good, internally and externally, is a very
    important aspect of the experience as a whole. First off, depending
    on the temperature of the area, you may want to dress differently
    and/or more appropriately. If it's cold out, and you'll be outside, or
    may have to walk, wear layers and an over-coat. It sounds simple,
    but remembering to dress for the elements and weather is a fairly
    common oversight.
    Secondly, focus on how you feel internally, and if you get nothing
    else from this guide, FOCUS ON HOW YOU FEEL, AND THINK. Let the
    thoughts that pop into your head grow and evolve. Write things
    down, draw, paint, do whatever you feel like doing to get those
    thoughts down into a shareable medium. This will help you grow as
    a person and feel much better when you know you can think
    creatively and get good ideas down when you smoke again.
    Finally, if something doesn't sit right with you, odds are, it's not a
    good plan. If you trust your judgement, and aren't easily swayed by
    the opinions of others, who may not have the careful thinking
    strategies that you employ.

    b. Friends

    I use the term friends to mean anyone who may be in your
    immediate area while you are smoking. They may be in the circle
    or just acquaintances close by. Firstly, smoking etiquette. For this, I
    am going to forward you to an absolutely amazing guide by
    The Legend. His guide has helped me through many tougher times
    as a fledgeling. There is only a section in his guide on etiquette,
    however, it's fairly comprehensive in rules of thumb, and I highly
    (no pun intended) recommend checking out the whole rest of his
    guide, it's extremely well done, and it got me interested in GC.

    c. Public

    I myself, being a recluse, am not too fond of venturing out into
    public after smoking. I just enjoy either solitude in my apartment
    or the company of a few close friends. However, it is important to
    know that you can easily handle yourself in public situations. If you
    feel that you may have a hard time in public social interactions,
    DON'T WORRY about it. I recommend a good spritz of cologne or
    perfume, and eye drops to reduce redness of the eyes if possible.
    No one expects you to be high at a glance. If you're uneasy, don't
    show it, and keep things short and comfortable. Practice your skills
    at a convenience store if you still feel uneasy about those situations.
    Just walk in, grab a drink or something to munch on, say hello to
    the nice man or lady at the counter, pay for your things, and then
    tell them to have a good night. Odds are astronomically, they'll do
    the same. :)

    d. Police (don't worry.)

    The man in blue... :(
    But as I said earlier, keep :cool:, and remember your senses, and
    you may avoid police altogether. However, sometimes chance has
    other plans, and you need to play with the cards you're dealt. Here
    is another section in which I'll link you to a guide on dealing with the
    police. Remember to be cool, and have RESPECT. Above all else,
    KNOW YOUR LOCAL LAWS, keep everything out of view, smelling
    fresh, and if possible, avoid smoking in a car that's driving. That's
    just a personal call that I've made in my experiences, but I feel that
    it minimizes risk. You do NOT want to get into any unnecessary
    trouble. Thank you very much to 'sinsemillaplease', the author of the
    following guide:

    2. SPOTS

    Spots are one of my favorite parts of the whole experience. Finding a good place for you may drastically increase how good you feel. There are many wonderful places to smoke, and everyone has their own favorites!

    a. On Foot

    When you're on foot, most of the time you're looking for a reclusive
    place to go. Somewhere out of view, more private for you and your
    friends. Many people have a spot out in some private wooded area,
    or something comparable depending upon where you live. As usual,
    all of the previous information applies. If you pay attention and think
    about having a good, safe time, you won't have problems. Many
    areas outdoors may be regarded as public, and that's why I suggest
    staying AWAY from parks, etc.
    The most enjoyable (in my opinion), place to smoke is indoors. It's
    always good to smoke in an area with good ventilation, and that is
    easily cleaned.

    b. Vehicular

    Personally, I don't recommend smoking in a vehicle that will be
    moving at the same time. It's very difficult to mask smoking if
    pulled over on the road. However, if you know that you're safe,
    such as in a parked vehicle, or in your driveway, etc., use your
    own discretion and follow your gut feeling on what you do and don't
    want to do.

    c. Safety

    As a final safety disclaimer, I personally do not recommend
    smoking in a vehicle. Also, I want you to pay very close attention
    when smoking in any area that you may be interrupted. As a
    small fish in this pond, keeping your head and being careful now can
    ensure that you become a larger fish in that pond.

    3. METHODS

    There are many ways to smoke. For this section, I'm going to be linking you to a few other guides. I'm hoping for this guide to not only be a guide for you to start up with a new sense of knowledge, but also to get you used to getting around the GC Forums. First off, here is a pre-existing comprehensive guide on the various smoking methods. Again, thanks to Astrocheese for the guide!

    a. Pieces

    When I say piece, I'm usually referring to a chillum, glass pipe, or
    bubbler. A chillum is also known as a one-hitter. This is usually a
    straight pipe, with a bowl on the top or front end. A glass pipe, more
    commonly referred to as a bowl, can be many different shapes or
    sizes, and usually have a small hole, called a carb, that is used in
    lighting. Proper carb use: Hold your thumb down and cover the carb,
    light the herb, inhale while still covering the carb and lighting, then
    when you have inhaled to about 70% of your lung capacity, remove
    your thumb from the carb and continue to inhale the smoke from the
    smoke chamber. Don't keep the lighter on for too long if you're
    smoking with others, as this is called 'torching' the bowl. You burn
    a lot of bud, and it is considered greedy amongst smoking partners.
    A bubbler is usually used in the same way as a glass pipe (dry pipe)
    , however water may be poured into the smoke collection chamber
    to cool it down for a more smooth hit.

    b. Waterpipes

    More commonly known as 'bongs'. Here, I'll link you to a different
    Thanks to Sparticus63.
    c. Papers

    Papers refers to 'joints' and 'blunts'. Joints can be rolled with rolling
    papers, while blunts are rolled with cigars, cigarillos, or Black &
    Milds. Less efficient than pieces, some people prefer a paper to
    using glass. This is a guide on how to roll by Mat369. Thanks for the

    d. Other

    There are many other ways to indulge. Hash, oils, and edibles are
    all alternatives, however I won't cover them all in too much detail,
    because honestly, I don't have very much experience with them.
    They are often viewed as stronger variants of smoking normally.
    An array of information on these other methods is included in the
    guides that I've linked to this one.


    So it's your first time smoking. Don't be nervous, be excited! It may seem
    tough and like a lot to remember, but after a short time, it all becomes natural. Like anything else, once you start and begin practicing (lol), you're guaranteed to get better at it. Let your feelings flow, and remember to write down your ideas through whatever medium you feel expresses them best.

    a. Tips

    I've included many of my tips throughout the guide, but here I'll list
    a few more.
    - Always have some refreshments and food on hand. It's easy to
    forget them beforehand, and you can avoid a trip to the store if
    you plan ahead.
    - If covering up scent, don't always trust the first spray. Come back
    to the area a few minutes later. If the smell still lingers, spray
    again. Rinse and repeat.
    - Be clean. Wash up before you handle herb or any smoking
    apparatus. I recommend cleaning your piece after every use.
    I clean my glass pieces in a Ziploc bag. Put the piece in the baggie
    , fill it with rubbing alcohol until the piece is about half covered,
    then pour in a few tablespoons of salt. Seal the bag and shake it
    up. Be careful not to damage your piece or let the bag open. Rinse
    your piece when done, and allow it to dry before use.
    - Explore. Let's face it. Being high is great. It's great for pain
    relief, stress relief, and creativity. So go on, explore. Do
    something fun. Come up with your own favorite high activities.
    Learn about something new, learn to play an instrument, write,
    paint, go for a walk, do whatever makes you happy. That's the
    key to enjoying yourself.

    I really hope that this guide helps some people out. I really wish that I had a guide like this before I found GrassCity. I've put quite a bit of thought into it, and I'd like to know what you guys think, and leave me some feedback if I helped you out! If not, please tell me what I can improve upon when I write another guide, this is my first one! Now it's time for me to roll one up and hit the hay. I really hope I helped!
  2. Nice avatar man
  3. This is a really nice guide!
  4. Daaaaamn, I thought I was crazy!
  5. cleaning your piece after EVERY use is a bit neurotic, but other than that great guide!
  6. Nice effort. No offense it seems like you learned everything about smoking from the internet. Also this guide seems meant for people who toke once a month, not stoners. If people read the stickies they'll be fine.

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