The Cat In The Plants

Discussion in 'General' started by Phishhead, Apr 30, 2002.

  1. I was snapping a few pictures of my plants and my little guy ended up parking himself right by them. I was going to post this in the Growing forum but Ganjaphish wanted everyone to see her little man with the plants. Isn't he so cute? I think the light really mesmerizes him (that's why he's looking up). He gets mad when I kick him when I'm done but I'm afraid he'll get hungry. Ganjaphish thinks he's sunbathing

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  2. Our youngest cat and yours look ALOT alike!! I read at night, and "Conker" curls up under the light and sunbathes!! He also likes to lay in any box,bag,sink, and make a bed. He's got to where he'll lay by us when we're Token', and will eat most any snack we're using for munchies!! He loves CHEESE!! Cheddar,Jack,and especially Hot pepper Jack!!! Makes us laugh ALL the time, is very "vocal" and has some of the funniest "meows" I've ever heard!!!! GOT to get a camera to post some pics of our menagarie, 2 dogs,2 cats,a ferret,and misc. "transit" Turtles and lizards(11yr old son! lol) :wave: :smoking:
  3. Cute cat, man. Cute plants too :p
  4. Lol, careful he doesnt mistake it for catnip. :)
  5. Oh don't worry, he has catnip growing up by the window in our kitchen, he eats that up. He'll eat anything though (except the plants so far), he loves string cheese and really like ice cream. We try to feed him very small amounts, but sometimes he'll just beg and beg and you feel sorry for the guy. Oh and I must add Ganjaphish always gets suckered in (such a softy). He's such a little swindler!!
  6. that picture and that cat are so cool
  7. i dig the feline, bro.

    Healthy lookin plants too :)
  8. lol he looks like hes about to be struck down from the heavens or something.
  9. lmao, he really does.
  10. I think cats are turned neurotic by domestication. I really wonder if they'd do some of the things they do if they were back in the woods.

    Our cat curls up in the dog's dish, and I thought that was funny.

    Then we re-arranged things so that his litter box was no longer covered by a table.

    He walked over to it (still full of shit at this time) and curled right up in it.

    The dumb ass! I had to actually take him out of the damned box!

    We have 2 cats and I'm convinced they're both neurotic. Our yard has so many catnip plants growing. Thy love it when I come in from mowing. I usually have a huge handful of catnip for them to chow.

    Did you know that catnip is a mint? You probably do if you have ever smelled or tasted it fresh. It's kinda good.

    Wish it buzzed humans too!
  11. I donno budburner, it sounds like maybe your cats just got dropped on their heads when they were born. Also, different breeds of cats are more intelligent than others. My cat is a Norwegian forest cat and he is mostly and outdoor cat. He can climb trees and he hunts down birds, mice and squirrels. He doesn't seem neurotic tho.

  12. ah yes that's my little man! i love the little guy :) there's nothing like a 16 lb badass-acting cat perched on your shoulder purring in your ear like he's the little wussy baby that he REALLY is :D

    as for cats being neurotic, i totally agree. our guy has an obsession with newspapers, and cardboard boxes. we don't get the newspaper anymore because he'd either shred it to pieces or spread it all around the house.

    and pizza? no frickin way, not with him in the room - he is so desparate to lay on the cardboard box, he'll walk right up and lay on it right as we're about to dig in. little punk.

    and he'd rather play with trash, or our legs, than any toy we could ever buy.

    the dork that i am, i bought a CATMINT plant for him, thinking it's the "closest thing to catnip" ~ turns out that's what it really is! :) duh turns out he'd rather mutilate my african violet before he even considers the catmint :D typical.

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