The Cass Sunstein Depreciation Thread

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    You guys may of wondered which of Obama's advisors comes up with all the bad ideas well look no further:
    Stare Into the face of evil. 
    And he is the Czar Obama put in charge of regulating the motherfucking internet. Honestly I can' see anyone of any political persuasion supporting this man. He is the most statist you can get. 
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    I think we might have a few of his internet moles right here in GC :smoke:
  3. It so happens that Sustein's wife, Samantha Power, was nominated to be the new US ambassador to the UN yesterday.
    She's described as a "liberal interventionist". That term is highly unsettling to me.
    Power's area of expertise was the subject of genocide. She was a leading voice calling for intervention in Libya to take out Gaddafi. I wonder if this signifies a increased possibility of deeper US involvement in Syria.

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